Promotional Page Dashboard
Learn more about how visitors are interacting with Promotional pages and how you can utilize dashboard data to improve your content on


Much like the Analytics Dashboards, the Promotional page dashboard is meant to help you determine if your content is fulfilling its purpose and visualize how visitors are interacting with your page. This dashboard provides actionable insights to help you improve content.
The Promotional Page Dashboard will not work in Internet Explorer. Use a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
This dashboard includes the following tabs:
    Visitor interactions
    KPIs & page health
There is only 1 filter in the Promotional page dashboard: a date filter.
This filter can be used to view content from just the past day to the entire year.
The date filter automatically defaults to "Last quarter."

Where to find this dashboard in the CMS

You can find the Promotional Page Dashboard by selecting any Promotional page in the CMS, and clicking the "Analytics" tab.

Exporting data

If there are specific charts or data tables you would like to export from the Promotional Page Dashboard, you can do so.
Click the three stacked dots you see on the dashboard above the data you'd like to export. Once you click the three stacked dots a box will appear. Click "Export CSV" and it will download a CSV of the data.
If you would like to export all the data you have filtered in the Promotional Page Dashboard, please file a ServiceNow request and tell us what information you would like.
Last modified 7mo ago