Key performance indicators

Set goals for your Promotional page and then track its performance.


“Key performance indicators” (KPIs) let you define how success is measured for your Promotional page and then track performance.

You're required to fill in at least 1 KPI field and can use up to 3. However, note that KPI data is not yet available through the Analytics Dashboards (Beta) for your page.

We hope agencies will use KPI data to continuously track and monitor the performance of their Promotional page throughout the length of their marketing campaign, and make changes to the page or the campaign if it is not performing as well as it could.

If the main goal of your page is to encourage people to watch a video, you’ll want to set your video play or watch goal high, perhaps as much as 80%. Other KPIs might be trickier to determine and will take some experimentation. Our Mass Digital team will be happy to discuss KPI strategy with you during Office Hours.

KPI options include:

Click-through rate: Key message button only

Measures the percent of visitors who click 1 of your Key message buttons. Enter a percentage in the form of a decimal (e.g., 80% as 0.80). This is probably the best option for most pages. If your promotional page is designed to promote or highlight one specific link, we recommend selecting this option, placing that Key message button in the first position, and filling the rest of your Promotional page with content that supports or informs the Key message. Key message buttons at the top of the page typically receive more clicks than content further down on the page.

If you find that your Key message button is not attracting as many clicks as you expected, you may want to look at the language you’re using on the button, in the section itself, or in your marketing campaign, to see if it is unclear or if you’re setting up false expectations.

Measures the percent of visitors who click on any button or featured link on the page. If the goal of your Promotional page is to highlight or promote a group of pages rather than a specific link, you may want to consider this option. For example, if the main highlight of your Promotional page is a Feature section with 3 stories this option will be a better measure of the page’s success.

If your page’s click-through rate on buttons and links is lower than you anticipated, you may want to look at the language you’re using for link text or the short descriptions, the photos you’re using for each story, or the language you’re using in the marketing campaign driving people to the Promotional page.

Percent of video plays

Tracks the percent of visitors who clicked the “play” button on a video over the past month. If you are highlighting a shorter video, or one where the main points are front-loaded in the first 10-20 seconds of your video, this is probably your best option.

If your percent of video plays is lower than you expected, you may want to think about moving the video higher up on the page, experimenting with a different thumbnail, or making any introduction or explanatory text you're using more enticing.

Percent of video watches

Measures the percent of visitors who watched at least half of your video last month. If the goal of your Promotional page is to get more people to watch the full video, rather than just the opening seconds, this is probably the option you’ll want to try. Shorter, more kinetic videos will be more successful than longer, static ones.

The best way to improve your percent of video watches is to take a hard look at your video, and try to figure out where and why people are dropping off. Selling the appeal or importance of the video in your marketing campaign or the supporting text on the Promotional page could also help improve the percentage.

Number of pageviews

Tallies the number of times this page was viewed last month. Enter a whole number.

This is the most basic KPI option currently available, probably best for pages that don’t have a specific goal in mind, other than to get the most eyes on their content. The best way to raise the number of pageviews for your Promotional page would be to use more enticing or exciting language in your marketing campaign, or to put a link to the page in the Featured Item Mosaic in your Organization page.

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