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2021 Releases
Releases made in 2021.

0.305.0 - 0.268.0

December 14, 2021 (0.305.0)

  • Made a slate of changes supporting the addition of a parent page field and the population of that field. This will later be displayed to the public in a breadcrumb, but first authors will have time to review and edit parents. Click here for more on page hierarchy and breadcrumbs. (DP-22908)
  • Added an “Updated date” field to the Event content type for Public Meeting events so that updates to events do not overwrite the “Date posted” field. If you need to update a public meeting page, you can choose to add an updated date. (DP-23572)
  • Made the reports menu page more organized and easier to maintain and add reports related to the parent field. (DP-23540)
  • Fixed an issue with image overlaps in the headers of Promotional pages. (DP-23620)

December 9, 2021 (0.304.0)

  • Removed the label “Guide” from guide pages and made the header image background field optional. (DP-23272)
  • Fixed formatting issues in the Sitewide alert content type. (DP-23403)
  • Made changes to the Brand Banner to improve usability and accessibility. (DP-23414)
  • Fixed spacing issues on Promotional pages when viewed on mobile devices. (DP-23552)
  • Fixed an issue where locations sometimes appeared multiple times in location listings related to organization or service pages. (DP-23447)
  • Fixed sorting in automatic curated lists that are sorted by date. They are now sorted by “created date” as the choice in Drupal states. Previously it was mistakenly configured to sort by the system-controlled revision date. (DP-23573)
  • Fixed metadata on non-English content that was blocking some of this content from being indexed by Google. We will be resaving about 60 pages to get the metadata to appear. There will be no visible change to the pages, but a new revision will be created, and you will get a watch email if you are watching one of these pages. (DP-23575)
  • Made changes to the Brand Banner to improve usability and accessibility. (DP-23414)

Nov. 16, 2021 (0.303.0)

  • Added a half-height option for background images on Promotional pages, allowing authors to choose a focal point in the image. (MF#1538) (DP-23082)
  • Changed sitewide alerts header to reduce use of vertical space. (DP-23317)
  • Implemented responsive images for Location pages so that pages load faster for mobile users. (MF#1545) (DP-22939)
  • Added a link to allow authors to view archived versions published pages from the Revisions tab in the CMS. (DP-23228)
  • Fixed CSV export of content lists so that all filters selected by the author for the on-screen list are used to generate the CSV file. (DP-23381)

Nov. 11, 2021 (0.302.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.18.0. (DP-23386)
  • Added a new content type, Sitewide Alert, and adjusted the name of the Alerts content type to indicate that it is for page- and organization-level alerts. (DP-22906)
  • Styling adjustment to the optional rich text horizontal divider for Info Detail pages. (DP-23183) (MF #1541)
  • Optimized main image size on Location pages to speed page load in browsers. (DP-22939)
  • Fixed some errors authors experienced while creating content. (DP-23350)
  • Fixed an issue where topic cards on Organization pages may not render correctly. (DP-23387)

Nov. 2, 2021 (0.301.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.17.0. (DP-23241)
  • Replaced Google Maps with Leaflet map for location listing pages. (DP-22215) (MF #1430)
  • Added new elements to improve accessibility of maps when using a keyboard. (DP-22210)
  • Added an advanced search feature. This feature is not yet linked in Drupal and we will be gathering feedback on this feature. If you want to try advanced search, go to Please submit feedback on the feature via a ServiceNow ticket. (DP-23241)
  • Curated list automatic lists feature can now be used with more content types. (DP-22941)
  • Removed the "You will need" header from the Form content type. Authors can now supply their own header text in the rich text editor. (DP-23291)
  • Retired the Legacy redirect content type. All existing redirects now function using an alternative method. (DP-23071)
  • Added the Amharic language as an option for content pages and documents. (DP-23320)
  • Adjustments to focus order of menu controls to improve accessibility. (DP-22679) (DP-22680) (MF #1479)
  • Fixed a positioning conflict between the new brand banner and the main navigation overlay. (MF #1539) (DP-23268)

Oct. 26, 2021 (0.300.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.16.3. (DP-23257)
  • Added a report to the reports page that provides details on curated lists. (DP-22484)
  • Added brand banner “An official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts” to OpenMass. (DP-23034)
  • Changed autocomplete in the text search field to meet accessibility best practices for screen readers. (DP-3188)

Oct. 19, 2021 (0.299.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.16.2. (DP-21388)
  • Fixed issue with radio buttons displaying incorrectly on some mobile devices. (DP-23011)
  • Fixed issue with errors on Person page type linked from some Organization pages (DP-23192)
  • Fixed errors that authors encountered when uploading a new or changed document to Drupal. (DP-23066)

Oct. 13, 2021 (0.298.0)

  • Made a slate of changes to the template for the Organization content type to allow authors greater flexibility in the appearance of the page. Click here for more on authoring Organization pages. (DP-22532)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.16.0. (DP-23136)
  • Changed the keyword filter for Data Listings and Collections to search more fields. (DP-22714)
  • Modified the Curated list content type to allow them to be tagged as data resources. (DP-22909)
  • Fixed the horizontal alignment on the sidebar for locations. (MF #1513, DP-22940)

Oct. 5, 2021 (0.297.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.15.3. (DP-23092)
  • Added the ability to select Somali (use language code "so") and Traditional Chinese (use language code "zh_Hant") as the language for pages and documents. (DP-23088)
  • Improved accessibility in the global navigation component (DP-22681)

Sept. 21, 2021 (0.296.0)

  • Made a change so if you filter by Organization, that filter will persist in the All Content view in the CMS while you are logged in. (DP-22918)
  • Made a change in the All Content view so if you click to sort by pageviews, the sort defaults to descending order. (DP-22776)
  • Made a change so images in Promotional page key messages are responsive. Image sizes will be smaller for mobile devices resulting in faster page loads. Minor differences in image crop may be noticed. (DP-22263)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.15.2. (DP-23001)
  • Minor improvements were made for non-English fonts. (DP-20436)

Sept. 7, 2021 (0.295.0)

  • Added Data Listing fields to the Guide content type so that authors can tag such content as being data focused. (DP-22773)
  • Made a fix so that CSV data exports work under the All Content tab. (DP-22745)

Aug. 31, 2021 (0.294.0)

  • Updated Drupal version to 9.2. (DP-2194, released August 18)
  • Updated Drupal version to 9.2.4. (DP-22792)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.13.0. (DP-22814)
  • Added a support banner to alert Internet Explorer 10 users to upgrade their browsers. It’s also shown to very old versions of other browsers that won’t work correctly. (DP-22643)
  • Made a change so page and organization alerts with multiple messages show all messages. (DP-22720)
  • Changed alert help text to reflect that page-level and organization alerts appear below the page title. (DP-22775)
  • Made a fix so the responsive height iframe works consistently on desktop size. (DP-22859)
  • Made a fix on sitewide alerts so the alert prefix matches the alert severity label when changed. (DP-22745)
  • Made a fix so Feedback Manager shows results when filtering content. (DP-22795)
  • Fixed alert caching so if it changes from page-level to organization, or vice versa, the alert is refreshed on the correct pages. (DP-22796)
  • Fixed autocomplete feature when adding links in the rich text editor. (DP-22798)

Aug. 10, 2021 (0.293.0)

  • Made a fix to ensure unpublish email reminders are sent to authors and editors in all situations. (DP-22715)
  • Fixed bugs and added minor changes related to the Data Listing and Collections features. (DP-22703)

Aug. 4, 2021 (0.292.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.11.0. (DP-22673)
  • Fixed the placement of organization and page-level alerts on Location and Events pages. Alerts are now directly below the main header as intended. (DP-22653)
  • Fixed navigation that authors click when editing so links are clickable on all pages at all zoom levels. (DP-22674)

July 28, 2021 (0.291.0)

  • Implemented new designs for sitewide and page-based Alerts. (DP-22395)
  • Added a report of pages with long or short titles. (DP-22000)
  • Added ability to upload CSV files to a formatted table in Information Details content type. (DP-18737)
  • Updated the How-to page listing display to include Quick Actions field. (DP-22334)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.10.0. (DP-22627)
  • Accessibility improvements for binders (DP-22929)

July 20, 2021 (0.290.0)

  • Made a fix so alerts update more quickly when they’re changed. (DP-22571)

July 13, 2021 (0.289.0)

  • Made a change to allow authors to put “” in rich text without a link. (DP-20421)
  • Made a change so authors are sent to the “All documents” view rather than the “media” view when adding or editing documents. (DP-22277)
  • Added Albanian and Polish as available languages for pages and documents. (DP-22487)
  • Reverted ordered list style enhancements. We will change our technical approach and revisit this later. (DP-22506)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.8.0. (DP-22507)
  • Added Google Translate for mobile users (DP-22281)
  • Added a content report to see high level details about organization pages (DP-21633)

June 29, 2021 (0.288.0)

  • Added flexible and fixed iframe configuration options. (DP-21203)
  • Allow authors to choose the type of ordered list style they need for a list. (DP-22255)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.7.1 (DP-22375)

June 22, 2021 (0.287.0)

  • Made fixes to the Translation field for documents. (DP-22066)
  • Fixed issues with logos for non-state organizations on news content type so they appear and are the correct size. (DP-22160)
  • Made a change to the scheduled transition revision message to show the user who created the transition. (DP-22280)

June 15, 2021 (0.286.0)

  • Changed to Scheduled Transitions as the method to schedule content to publish or unpublish, which improves the author experience. (DP-19428)
  • Optimized service content inventory views. (DP-21690)
  • Added a content report page for published alerts. (DP-21986)
  • Allow Feedback Manager CSV exports with new label and search fields. (DP-22225)

June 8, 2021 (0.285.0)

  • Added a search field to the Feedback Manager so that CMS users can search feedback for specific words/phrases. (DP-21657)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.7.0. (DP-22231)
  • Drupal core security update to version 8.9.16. (DP-22152)

May 25, 2021 (0.284.0)

  • Added ability to filter by page label in Feedback Manager. (DP-21790)
  • Fixed an issue with Translations tool so unrelated pages don’t appear in the translations list. (DP-21983)
  • Fixed description metadata on 3 content types. (DP-22002)
  • Updated Mayflower to version 11.5.1
  • Fixed an issue where bullets in wrapped text overlapped images in Internet Explorer 11. (DP-21660)
  • Fixed Location listing pagination error, and fixed auto complete issue. (DP-22079)
  • Fixed error when adding an existing Fee to a How-to page. (DP-22021)

May 18, 2021 (0.283.0)

  • Added language filter to All Documents view and two languages to the All Content language filter. (DP-21783)
  • Added character count to page titles and warning when titles exceed 70 characters. (DP-21793)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.5.0. (DP-22060)
  • Added flexible header functionality to the How-to content type. (DP-21634)
  • Changed map functionality on location, service and organization pages to use a new map tool internally provided by the MassGIS team. There are some minor visual and behavior changes. Location listing pages still use Google maps. (DP-20949)
  • On all maps, we’ve changed the map marker points from red to blue. (DP-21554)

May 11, 2021 (0.282.0)

  • Changed the semantic structure of global navigation header to remove H2s where not needed. This will help with accessibility. (DP-21691)
  • Moved language fields so they’re after the data fields on Information Details content type. (DP-21792)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.4.2. (DP-21990)
  • Fixed the date metadata in the Event content type. (DP-19072)
  • Allow long file names that have no breaking character to wrap in the "All Documents" view, which fixes an issue that was causing the “edit” button to disappear. (DP-21188).
  • Removed support message that appears when saving content in Drupal. (DP-21692)

May 4, 2021 (0.281.0)

  • Updated help text on Pages Linking Here for pages and documents. (DP-21703)
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors with some documents after the new language feature was released. The Mass Digital team may reach out to some authors who have had trouble to help resolve any remaining issues manually. (DP-21745)

April 27, 2021 (0.280.0)

  • Added Hindi and Nepali to the language field for the Translations tab (DP-21746)
  • Fixed help text on Guide content type. (DP-21595)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error while setting the language feature on some existing documents. (DP-21745)
  • Update Drupal to 8.9.14 to eliminate a security issue. (DP-21744)
  • “Pages linking here” has been updated to include some additional relationships that were missing. (DP-21682

April 20, 2021 (0.279.0)

  • Added Translations tab and language fields for several content types and documents. (DP-20281)
  • Fixed an issue with header images not stretching full width on Information Details pages. (DP-21704)

April 13, 2021 (0.278.0)

  • Modified Caspio embed functionality to have a flexible hostname. (DP-21332)

April 6, 2021 (0.277.0)

  • Fixed an issue with display of Advisory links on Service page “See all” listings. (DP-20992)
  • Fixed issues with image wrapping display on Information Details content type. (DP-21589)
  • Added topic and subtopic taxonomy fields for Data Tab. (DP-21300)

March 30, 2021 (0.276.0)

  • Added functionality so Pages Linking Here shows links in rich text areas. (DP-19675)
  • Allow pages in Binders to be tagged as data. (DP-20411)
  • Modified Information Details pages so images added in sections can be multiple sizes and allow text wrapping. (DP-20722)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.3.0. (DP-21583)

March 23, 2021 (0.275.0)

  • Fixed the missing document insert icon in the rich text editor. (DP-21459)
  • Fixed an issue where half-width images inserted using the rich text editor were displaying as full width images when no alignment was selected. (DP-21464)
  • Updated Mayflower to version 11.2.2. (DP-21534)

March 16, 2021 (0.274.0)

  • Added more allowed content types in Related field on Regulations and Advisories. (DP-21025)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.2.1 (DP-21449)

March 2, 2021 (0.273.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.2.0 (DP-21326)
  • Made a fix so if an Advisory is added as a related link in a Curated List, a date does not appear under the Advisory listing. (DP-21120)
  • Made a fix to stop the heading bar overlapping certain elements. (DP-21124)

Feb. 16, 2021 (0.272.0)

  • Fixed an issue where uploading images in rich text fields results in an error. (DP-20580)
  • Added a label field to content types to allow tagging of pages and searching in Drupal by label. (DP-21109)
  • Modified the format of unpublish reminder emails. (DP-19181)
  • Changed link fields to disallow several content types that don’t render in certain circumstances. (DP-20824)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.1.4. (DP-21174)
  • Fixed an issue where text overlaps a half-width embedded image in rich text fields. (DP-20381)

Feb. 2, 2021 (0.271.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.1.1. (DP-21005)
  • Fixed a situation where an iframe or Tableau visualization will not use full page width on an info details page when configured to do so. (DP-20768)
  • Improved accessibility for embedding of iframes or Tableau visualizations. (DP-21059)
  • Improved browser rendering of relationship indicators in Internet Explorer 11. (DP-19859)
  • Updated Drupal core to the latest stable version 8.9.13. (DP-21059)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.1.3. (DP-21074)

Jan. 27, 2021 (0.270.0)

  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.1.1. (DP-21005)
  • Fixed a situation where an iframe or Tableau visualization will not use full page width on an info details page when configured to do so. (DP-20580)

Jan. 12, 2021 (0.269.0)

  • Maximum number of Featured Services on home page increased from 6 to 9. (DP-20851)
  • Changed help text on Form content type to direct authors to create an Information Details page rather than a Service Detail page. (DP-20616)
  • Updated Mayflower to version 11.1.0. (DP-20880)
  • Unordered list bullets styles are now set by default for the first three levels. This is not seen in the rich text editor in Drupal yet, but after next week’s release it should show there also. (DP-9450)
  • Added service family KPI fields and dashboard to PFML service pages. (DP-20498)

Jan. 5, 2021 (0.268.0)

  • Added the ability to embed a Caspio data page on Information Details content type. This will support a new service that will soon be offered. (DP-20500)
  • Updated Mayflower version to 11.0.0. (DP-20749)