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Elected Official
A subtype that focuses on a state official's public profile.


The Elected Official is a subtype of Organization Page that focuses more on a state official’s public profile.
To save a draft of an Elected Official Page, you’ll need:
  • A title
  • To link to a Person item (authored separately)
  • A Banner image (800 x 400 px)

About the official

Elected Official Pages have an “About” row aimed at helping users get to know elected officials. Several different fields in the editing interface contribute to this content, which will look like this when you’re done:

Person / Bio field

Add a Person item here. You may need to create or update an existing Person to include a bio section. The CMS will create a link to this bio beneath the portrait:
It will also use the image you’ve included in the Profile Image field of your Person item for the portrait (if you’ve chosen to add one).

About / Details tab

You may use this tab to explain what the official’s office does or what its mission is. The Who we serve section is now optional. If you choose to use it, it will appear below the “About” section on the page.
Whatever you add to the About summary field will appear for the user under the “About” heading. You’re limited to 400 characters. However, if you have more to say, you can create an Information Details and add it to the Read More Page field. The CMS will then add a link to this Information Details beneath the About summary content:

Use a Person item to create a “more about” page (bio page)

To create a biography page, you’ll need to create or update a Person item. Find and check the checkbox under the Organization field. This will create a new tab called “Bio Page”.
Create a bio page for a Person item by checking the "Publish a bio page" selection.
In the "Bio Page" tab, you can add information about the official, including:
  • A main content area for biographical info, achievements, etc.
  • Social media links
  • A high-resolution image
Note: The image that appears on the Elected Official Page is the one you add to the Profile Image field, which is located in the “Overview” tab.

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