Creating a feature request

If your issue doesn’t exist on our Feature Request board, you can create it. Here’s how.

Create a request

Step 1

Click the “issues” tab in the menu at the top of the board.

Step 2

Click the “new issue” button in the upper right, and then the “get started” button.

Step 3

Write up your feature request. Here are a few tips for creating effective write ups:

  • Describe your problem or need

  • Describe the solution that best addresses that problem or need

  • Give information, including screenshots or use cases, that help us understand your perspective

  • If you know we’re tracking a ticket internally (with a number like DP-9999), include the ticket number

Check out some example tickets:

Tips for describing your issue

There are lots of ways to describe an issue, but 2 of the most effective are use cases and user stories. A use case describes a feature in the context of when that feature would be useful. It helps our tech team understand what you’re looking for and why it’s important. A user story is an issue written from the perspective of a user who wants to do something but hits a roadblock. User stories make user experiences more relatable and clear.

An example of a use case: “Our agency’s purpose is to provide important information for the public. We don’t have a lot of transactional content. We would love to see a Service Page that’s geared toward information as a service.”

An example of a user story: “As a content author with the Department of Birding and Ornithology, I post many images of birds. I want to post lots of small images, since I know that large images slow down page loading time. However, right now, I can only post images that are half-width and full-width. I would like to be able to post a gallery of small images to satisfy my users and to avoid bogging down page load times with large files.”

Note: GitHub doesn’t work with older versions of Internet Explorer. You’ll need to be using Internet Explorer 11--or a non IE browser--to view our Feature Requests board.

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