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Request help with ServiceNow
ServiceNow is system to request support and ask questions about
If you need help with your content, reach out to the Digital Service team with ServiceNow. It’s a ticketing system we use to manage requests for help.
Please do not use Commonhelp or the EOTTS Desk support for help as those requests are not managed by us and may take longer for you to get the help you need.

Request help

Step 1: Log in to ServiceNow

It is helpful to bookmark this direct link to the Support catalog, for easy access. If you log in from the ServiceNow homepage, you will need to complete a few additional steps. If you click on the direct link, it will bring you to Step 3.
If you’ve never logged into ServiceNow, or you’re a new user, choose “Forgot Password” on the login screen. Enter your primary work email address and click ‘Next.’ You’ll receive an email in Outlook with your new password.
Click Forgot Password

Step 2: Click on the Service catalog.

Do not click submit a ticket - submitting a ticket may delay how long it takes your question to reach our team.
Access Service Catalog

Step 3: Choose & Digital Services

Access Digital Service catalog

Step 4: Submit your request

Your name will auto-populate when you begin to fill out your request. You can also choose the “Request on behalf of” checkbox to submit a request for someone else.
Note: If you submit a request on behalf of someone else, the person you’re requesting support for will receive the confirmation and notification emails. You won’t have access to this support request after you submit.
Enter a summary of your issue in the “short description” field. And in the “description” field, write as much detail as possible. Include links or screenshots to help us identify the issue.
When sending a request, keep these tips in mind. These tips can help us resolve your problem quickly. Be sure to share with us:
  • Any relevant URLs that you’ve been working on or that you want to work on
  • What you’re trying to do and why you can’t do it
  • Any error messages, either in text or with a screenshot
  • When you noticed the problem, and the last time you edited content
  • How often the problem happens, or if it’s the first time
  • What kind of browser you’re using.
If you’re not sure, visit If you're having trouble logging into the CMS, tell us your Internet Provider (IP) Address. Not sure where to find your IP address? Visit and look for the numbers following "Your Public IPv4 is." Ex. 123.456.78.900
Include your phone number and one (or more!) screenshots of what’s going on
If you would like to add an attachment to further detail your request, click the paperclip at the bottom of the screen.

Communicate with us through ServiceNow

Sometimes, you’ll need to tell us something, answer a question, or clarify your request after you’ve opened a support request. To do this, click on the View Ticket Details button at the bottom of the email or directly reply to the ServiceNow email. You can include attachments just like you would with a normal email to a colleague.
You can also access any support requests from the ServiceNow interface. Click My Tickets at the top right of the page, and then view my open tickets. From this menu, you’ll be able to access and update any support request you’ve opened.

When your request is completed

When we’ve answered your request, you’ll get an email that says “Requested Item Completed.” Under closure notes, you’ll see our answer.
A few important things about our closure notes:
  • Sometimes, we think an issue is worth talking about at length, so we’ll suggest scheduling an office hours session
  • If you have submitted a support request about a bug or confusing functionality, we’ll provide you with the internal number we use to keep track of it. It will be a DP-XXXX number. Once we fix it, we’ll use this number to report that we’ve fixed it ​
  • If we’ve reached out to you for more information but haven’t heard back in 2 business days, we’ll send you a message letting you know we are closing your support request until we hear from you again.
If you still need assistance, please submit a new support request.