Setting up communication options
You can offer visitors different options for leaving feedback on your content.


You can offer your visitors different options for leaving feedback on your content. Choose to respond to all visitors that request a response, those that contact you through other designated channels, or choose not to respond directly but by making improvements to your content based on the feedback left.
You’ll set these options on your Organization page under the Setup Feedback tab.
Setup feedback tab
Whatever you choose on this page will be applied to all other pages that are associated with the first Organization in the Organization(s) field located at the bottom of each Overview tab on If your Organization appears second or later, the Send Feedback selections will not be applied to that page. Note that you can re-order Organizations.
Organization selector

Constituent communication options

  • Don’t offer visitors any communication options (default)
  • Offer visitors a link to another page where they may find communication options
    • Organization communications page
  • Collect contact information along with feedback
    • Acknowledgment checkbox
    • Approver
    • Response expectations message

Don’t offer visitors any communication options (default)

Don't offer communication options (default)
Survey example
This is the default option that is most similar to the former feedback options.
This option displays a note to the visitor that 'Your feedback will not receive a response" followed by a blue "Why?" link. Clicking this link triggers a dropdown that explains, "This form only gathers feedback about the website". This is meant to help eliminate the expectations that somebody will respond to a particular piece of feedback.
Constituent communication options
Constituent communication options
This option allows you to direct visitors to a new or existing page where they can find contact information. This includes content such as Form, Locations, or Directories. A link to the page you’ve selected will appear after a visitor submits their feedback. The link will be customized to include the name of your organization as you've entered it in the Sentence phrasing of organization field.
Sentence phrasing of organization
Feedback reply

Collect contact information along with feedback

You also can request contact information along with feedback, if a constituent wants you to follow up after the survey. This can be done in the constituent communication options.
Collect contact information
This option allows visitors to leave their contact information with the understanding that you or somebody from your organization will follow up with them within the time frame you establish in the Response expectations message (see below). Since you are setting expectations to reach out to your visitors, it’s important that you choose this option only if you are sure you or your staff can regularly check the feedback manager and consistently reply to visitor feedback in a reasonable time frame.
If you or your organization are prepared to monitor and respond to visitor feedback, you will need to accept to the following terms in the CMS and enter the name of the senior staff or communications director that will be responsible for overseeing responses to feedback.
Include a senior staff or communications director responsible for feedback replies
Use the Response expectations message to set the appropriate time frame for a visitor to expect a response to their feedback. Be sure to also include any instructions or information needed for a response.
Response exptations message
Responses request formUrgen

Show urgent issue warning

Urgent issue warning
Check the box if you would like to display this warning in the feedback box:If you need to report child abuse or any other kind of abuse, or need urgent assistance, please click here.Clicking this warning will take users to a new page to report these types of emergencies.

Sentence phrasing of organization

Sentence phrasing of organization
Use this field to personalize your message to your visitor. Only include your organization in the manner that most visitors would recognize and include “the” if appropriate. This will be used in sentences asking for feedback as well as thank you messages once they’ve submitted feedback.
Note: If you don’t add anything to this field, it will default to the title of your Organization page.
Feedback option: Collect contact information along with feedback (before)
Feedback option: Collect contact information along with feedback (after)
Feedback option: Offer visitors a link to another page... (after)
Feedback option: Don't offer visitors any communication options

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