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A subtype that highlights members of a board, commission, or committee.


The Board is a subtype of the Organization Page that highlights the members of a board, commission, or committee. When you choose the “Board” subtype, you’ll see a new tab called “Boards,” where you’ll find the features that this resource covers.
Note: Before you begin adding board members, make sure you’ve created the right Person items. The Board Members section of a Board page gets its information from Person items.

Boards tab


Say what the group’s members are called: Board members, Commission members, Commissioners, etc.
There are 2 sections where you can add board members: “Featured Board Members” and “Board Members.” Images for "Featured Board Members" are larger than the others.
Featured board
In each board member’s Board Role field, enter the board member’s role/job. The rest of the content – the image and bio – will come from a Person item, which you'll need to create separately.

Vacant positions

If a particular role is currently vacant, you can check the Position Is Vacant box.
In "edit," check the "Position is Vacant" box to mark a position as vacant.
This will cause “Vacant” to appear under the role or title:
Here's what a vacant position appears like for constituents.
You may add as many board members as you need, but by default, only the first 8 members, including the 2 featured, will appear on the Org page. Users will have the option to expand the list by clicking “Show all members.”
Click “Show all members” to expand section to display all members.

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