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2022 Releases
Releases made in 2022.

June 22, 2022 (0.326.0)

  • Changed the way contextual “log in to” links are determined for each page on the site. The new logic to determine contextual login links is based on the breadcrumb and will look for log-in links defined on Service and Organization pages. For more details on the logic used, see our updated Knowledge Base article. The contextual log-in links appear above the top three most common “log in to” links. (DP 24810)
  • Added “Guest post” as an announcement type on news pages. (DP 25130)
  • Added ability to track revisions/transitions that authors make to documents (revision tracking for pages already exists). (DP 25155)

June 15, 2022 (0.325.0)

  • Condensed the global footer at the bottom of pages by moving statewide social media links to the home page so that they are not confused as being related to a specific state organization. We reduced Topic page links to limit less useful links on the page. (DP-22592).
  • Added a prototype Content Performance Report under the Reports tab on the CMS’s main navigation bar (DP-24414).
  • Expanded Children and Parents report to include a parent organization filter (DP-25041).
  • Added a language field to the How-to content type to support professional translations (DP-24920).
  • Introduced ability to hide the table of contents on Information Details pages. (DP-25052).
  • Added Greek as a language option for pages and documents (DP-25132).
  • Enhanced the External link for collections content type to include a way to list an external organization that owns a link, which would then be shown in the collection (DP-25112).
  • Header design change on decision tree pages to correct existing problems. Decision trees no longer use a header image. If an image is desired, it can be added in the rich text field on the start page (DP-24907).
  • Within a CSV table on an info detail page, a title is no longer required. If a CSV table is the first item in a section, having both a section title and a CSV table title may be duplicative and you may want to remove the CSV table title (DP-24976).
  • Fixed an issue where the organization of a blog author was repeated twice on the news content page (DP-25081).

May 31, 2022 (0.324.0)

  • Fixed Topic pages so that changes to link text display correctly and the order of subtopic page links are reflected on higher-level Topic pages (DP-24692).
  • Clarified help text on News content type regarding Blog posts (DP-24955).
  • Changed help text on Collections and External Link for Collections, and added permission for CMS editors to edit External Link for Collections content (DP-24948).

May 25, 2022 (0.323.0)

  • Up to 12 of “Related Services” will now display on a Service page and a “show more” page will no longer be used. We recommend using as few related services as possible, ideally 3 or fewer. (DP-24794).
  • Fixed the “Blog Post” News subtype so blog posts won’t display in Org page news sections. (DP-24946).
  • Made style, breadcrumb, and other fixes to Collection feature (DP-24909). Fixed permissions issue on Promotional pages (DP-24939).
  • Added a “collections” filter to the All Documents view (DP-24950)

May 17, 2022 (0.322.0)

  • Added “Blog Post” as a News subtype; expanded Collections capabilities to support blogs (DP-24108).
  • Added an “External link for Collections” content type to support the new Collections feature, which is moving into a Beta state (DP-24890, DP-24928).
  • Removed mandatory “unpublished date” and KPI requirements on Promotional pages. Promotional pages may now be created by all authors and editors and published by all editors, no special permissions are needed (DP-24326).
  • Fixed issue with News, events, and content information not updating on Org pages (DP-24808).
  • Corrected spacing bug at the bottom of some Promotional pages near the feedback component (DP-24860).

May 10, 2022 (0.321.0)

  • Added the “Did you find…” feedback form to Promotional pages (DP-24432).
  • Expanded availability of focal point feature for banner images to more content types (DP-24477).

April 26, 2022 (0.320.0)

  • Added a 6-week option for temporary unpublished access links (DP-24545).

April 5, 2022 (0.319.0)

  • Moved Service page login links from the sidebar into the page banner (DP-23805).
  • Fixed image sizes on Info Details pages when using Visual Story option (DP-24263).

March 30, 2022 (0.318.0)

  • Fixed a bug in the location listing filter. Location filters will now be validated using Google’s location validation tool, and an error message will advise the visitor if they fail to submit their filter request. (DP-23425)
  • Removed minimum height rule for the page header on Guides and Binder pages. There are minor height changes to organization page headers. (DP-23603)
  • Changed the short description on the org page to use an HTML paragraph tag instead of a heading to improve the experience for people using screen readers. No visible change on pages. (DP-24267)

March 22, 2022 (0.317.0)

  • Added a full URL field to the CSV download file, per a request submitted via ServiceNow. (DP-23372)
  • Removed the ability to put page-based alerts on a topic page as this is no longer part of the page template. (DP-24322)
  • Minor security upgrade for Drupal core to 9.3.8. (DP-24348)

March 15, 2022 (0.316.0)

  • Implemented breadcrumbs for the public and removed “Part of”. “Offered by” now has a full line and an icon. These changes include features that allow authors and editors to easily review, create, modify, and maintain parent-child relationships, and functionality to display the breadcrumb on pages. (DP-22908, DP-23089)
  • Minor fix to rendering of topic groupings (DP-24285)

March 8, 2022 (0.315.0)

  • Updated the Topic page design to make it more streamlined and easier to use. Topics pages are now navigation pages rather than destination pages. We also changed permissions so authors and editors can manage links on most topics pages. Any other changes to topic pages should be requested through ServiceNow. See Knowledge Base for details. (DP-22639, DP-22640, DP-23300)
  • Minor changes to header font size and weight on some page types as a result of code cleanup related to topic pages changes above.
  • Fixed a bug in which the breadcrumbs in the header of pages on edit were not truncated and not complete. (DP-24225)
  • Fixed a bug in which alerts did not display on Internet Explorer 11. (DP-24238)
  • Moved the more/less contact info button before hidden extra contact info, allowing keyboard and Assistive Technology users to navigate to the revealed content after they hit the button. (DP-9216)

March 1, 2022 (0.314.0)

  • Changes to improve the loading speed of alerts. (DP-23222)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented error messages from appearing when required fields were not populated on some content types. (DP-24122)
  • Allowed the parent field for service content types to accept a range of content types as a parent. (DP-24144)
  • Updated Drupal Core security. (DP-24135)
  • Fixed a bug that made the immediate parent page unclickable in the breadcrumb. (DP-24137)

February 15, 2022 (0.313.0)

  • For Service pages, made the header image optional and hid the image background on mobile. When there is no background image, the banner height becomes fluid to accommodate any size page title. The desktop banner is a little shorter in height. (DP-23065)
  • For Organization pages, eliminated the partially transparent section behind the main header. Hid the image background on mobile except for on elected official organization pages. The banner height becomes fluid on mobile to accommodate the size of the text. (DP-23065)
  • Made the immediate parent page clickable in the breadcrumb. (DP-24041)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding some signees on news items. (DP-24115)

February 8, 2022 (0.312.0)

  • Upgraded to Drupal 9.3. This release contains fixes and underlying technology updates. There should be no noticeable changes for authors or visitors. (DP-23608)
  • Fixed an issue in which key messages in the header of Promotional pages would partially overlap a key message below it. (DP-24018)

February 1, 2022 (0.311.0)

  • Added an option to center-align the contents of columns in CSV tables. (DP-23663)
  • Added "language bar" links for pages that have professional translations and are correctly tagged in Drupal. This will clearly show visitors that content exists if they land on a page that is not in their language. (DP-23669)
  • Removed the option to merge cells in rich text tables as this functionality didn’t work correctly and merged cells cause accessibility problems. (DP-23936)

January 26, 2022 (0.310.0)

  • Added Collections search, a component for Promotional and Organization pages that is an incremental step toward offering a collection feature that will be announced soon. (DP-23355, DP-23716)
  • Authors can filter by collection in All content and My content. This is also supporting functionality for the soon-to-be-released collection feature. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. (DP-23849)
  • The report of pages with long breadcrumbs now has an option to view in .csv. (DP-23909)
  • To help prevent inadvertently linking to unpublished materials, we modified the autocomplete feature used in linking to add “(unpublished)” to any unpublished pages. (DP-23840)
  • Fixed the character counter in the Move children feature in which the character counter for the parent field included the characters in the content type and node information in addition to the parent name, resulting in inaccurate counts. (DP-23824)
  • Fixed address type conditional field validation on events that prevented publishing or unpublishing certain event content. (DP-23943)

January 18, 2022 (0.309.0)

  • Created an action in the Trash view to allow users to restore content from trash. (DP-14784)
  • Made changes to help the CMS All content view load faster. The view will now load with no results. You can filter before searching. (DP-23677)
  • Fixed a bug on location listing pages that prevented the lists and maps from updating after a user chose a valid location using a keyboard rather than a mouse. (DP-23780)

January 11, 2022 (0.308.0)

  • Fixed issues that prevented authors from editing or saving certain pages. (DP-23681, DP-23836)
  • To help authors unpublish pages without having to move unpublished or trashed child pages, these children are now ignored when unpublishing a parent. (DP-23763)
  • Improved validation to ensure that a page cannot be published if its parent is not published. (DP-23763)
  • Changed the field order for service and form content types. (DP-23821)
  • Implemented a 145-character maximum title length for the Alerts content type and added a character countdown. (DP-23811)
  • Authors can now select 8 additional content types as parents of service details pages. (DP-23818)
  • Created a report listing all active redirects. (DP-23382)
  • Changed zoom levels on maps to allow mobile users to zoom out to the state level. (DP-22028)
  • Fixed problems with the display of stats and Featured Topics on Organization pages. (DP-23215)
  • Fixed various minor bugs.

January 4, 2022 (0.307.0)*

  • Users can now add up to 10 custom link groups on service pages. This had previously been capped at 6. (DP-23377)
  • The events landing page from an Organization page now shows both future events and any events slated for the current day, even if the latter have concluded. (DP-23591)
  • Location details pages are able to have parent content types similar to Information details pages. (DP-23674)
  • Updated the help text on Parent page fields in all applicable content types. These now link to the CMS Knowledge Base article on the Parent page field. (DP-23687)
  • Added a message box in the Hierarchy tab to notify authors when parent-child relationships are not set correctly, and changed the message from a warning to an error. (DP-23630)
  • Added languages to the Google Translate widget to match those that we support in Drupal. Newly added languages include Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Brazilian Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole, Nepali, Somali, and Traditional Chinese. (DP-23695)
  • Fixed an error that would not allow unpublished preview links or preview of pages without parents. (DP-23654)
  • Fixed a rendering issue with promotional pages that use a half image for the key message header. (DP-23651)
  • Fixed a mismatch between stated dimension requirements for image uploads and actual display size for the featured image in a mosaic. This change allows for better image quality while continuing to support existing images. If you have a featured image in a mosaic that appears to be low quality, you can upload a replacement at a larger size. (DP-9880)
*This release was originally numbered here as 0.306.0, however the release on January 4, 2022 was actually 0.307.0. There was no release numbered 0.306.0.