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Pages Linking Here
Tool that shows pages linked in autocomplete and rich text fields to a specific page or document.


“Pages Linking Here” is a content management system (CMS) tool that shows which pages link to a specific page or document.
You can use it to check if your content is well-connected across, and to make sure you don’t break links if you plan to remove pages or documents.
This tool shows pages in which you've added links through autocomplete fields, such as in the Additional Resources or Related Links areas as well as in rich text fields.
You can use the "Pages Linking Here" tool to see which pages link to each piece of content. So, if you plan to send a Service Detail to the trash or unpublish a document, for example, you can find out ahead of time which pages you’ll affect and avoid breaking links.
Using “Pages Linking Here” differs slightly depending on whether you’re reviewing HTML pages or documents.

“Pages Linking Here” for (HTML) pages

Step 1: Navigate to content

Go to “My Content” or “All Content” to find the page you want to check.

Step 2: Edit

Click either the title of a page on the left or the “Edit” button on the right.
Page titles

Step 3: View pages button

If you click the title, you will find the “Pages Linking Here” tab at the top right of the screen between the “View” and “Edit” tabs on the menu bar.
Pages linking here button
If you click on the “Edit” button for a content type, such as a Service Detail page or Contact, you will find the “Pages Linking Here” tab between the “View” and “Edit” tabs at the top left of the CMS editing fields.
Edit content

Step 4: View pages linking here

On “Pages Linking Here,” you’ll see a screen that shows pages that link to this page, the content type of those pages, and the fields where the links can be found. The “Field Label” column lists the types of fields where links can be found, and for rich text fields, examples include “Body,” “Overview,” and “Main text.”
View pages linking here
If you click on the page title, you’ll go directly to that page, where you’ll be able to see the link to the piece of content that you’re using “Pages Linking Here” to examine.

Content strategy tips

You can use “Pages Linking Here” to gain insights into whether your content connects optimally across For instance, if “Pages Linking Here” shows that one of your Service Detail or How-To pages is not linked from at least one Service page, as they should be, you can then address the situation.
If you’re reviewing a piece of content with “Pages Linking Here” and find that links to the content don’t appear on any pages, then you’ll see the following:
No pages linking here
This means you’ll have some work to do to improve your content connectivity.

“Pages Linking Here” for documents

Step 1: Find all documents

Go to “All Documents” in the main CMS menu to locate the document you want to check for page links.
Pages linking here for documents

Step 2: Click Edit button

Click the “Edit” button on the far right to access “Pages Linking Here.” (Don’t click the title/permalink unless you simply want to view the document.)
Edit documents

Step 3: Pages linking here tab

You’ll find the “Pages Linking Here” tab to the left of the “View” and “Edit” tabs at the top left of the CMS editing fields.
Pages linking here tab

Step 4: View pages linking here

When you click the “Pages Linking Here” tab, you’ll see a list of the pages that link to the document and the content type of those pages. Click the page title to see where the document is linked on the page.
View pages linking here

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