Decision Tree Branch

The content types that feature the questions and answers that guide people to a conclusion.

Creating a Decision Tree Branch

Users can create a Decision Tree Branch right from the “Customize Decision Tree” menu, which appears at the very bottom of the Decision Tree page when viewed in edit mode. This will not show up as a field in the CMS, and the menu will not be visible to site users once the page is live. Click on “Create new decision tree branch" to create a Branch.

Users can also create Decision Tree Branches from the "Add Content" button at the top of the editing screen, just as they would create any other type of content.

Decision Tree Branches offer content visitors at least 2 choices and up to as many as 6 choices. For example, they could pick “yes” or “no,” or “true” or “false.” A multiple choice answer, for example, could be "yes," "no," or "I'm not sure."

Title and Description

The Branch Title poses the question or choice the content user needs to make, and the Description to give any information they might need.

More info title and text

Use the More info title and More info text fields to clarify for the user whether they should be answering the question. This information will appear under the Description.

Multiple Answers

This is the section where you set up the choice people will need to make. You must have at least 2 answers in each Decision Tree Branch, and you can add up to 6 answers.

Click on the Add Multiple Answers button to add each answer to the question in the Decision Tree Branch.

Use the Option Answer Text to name the answer people can choose.

Content does not need to be added to the Option Answer Path right away. Eventually, a Branch or Conclusion will be created that represents the correct next step to take if someone selects an answer, and the user will enter this in the Option Answer Path field.

In addition to an answer, the Option Answer Explainer must be added. Whatever is entered into this field will help Decision Tree users keep track of their answers as they make their way through the Tree. The Explainers will appear in a “Your Responses: section on the right:

To save a draft of a Branch, users will need to enter a published Decision Tree (the start page) into the Branch’s Decision Tree field.

Connecting a Branch to a start page

For a Branch to appear on a start page, users need to:

  • Publish the start page

  • Publish the Branch

  • Add it to the Start Button Branch field on the start page (the Decision Tree page)

  • Add a Start Button if they haven't already.

If worried that the public might stumble upon a published-but-unfinished Tree, users can unpublish the start page after completing this process, and the link between Branch and start page will persist.

Once these steps are done, a user should be able to click from the start page to the Branch created, and it should appear in the “Customize Decision Tree” menu cited earlier in this resource.

Here’s how a finished Branch will look to the public:

As the image shows, the start page disclaimer also appears on the Branch. Branch-specific disclaimers can be created, too.