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Create content about a service or item cost that you can add to 1 or more of How-to pages.

Why use this content type?

The Fee content type is designed for use in How-to pages. It displays the name of the fee, cost, and unit in a table. Like the Contact Information content type, Fees do not have public-facing URLs but rather are plugged into How-to pages. Any changes you make to a Fee will be displayed in all How-to pages that include that Fee.

Alternatives to the Fee content type

No other content type provides an alternative. However, you could choose to include fee information in a How-to rich text editor field, such as More Info.

Creating a Fee from within a How-to page

A Fee can be created as part of the How-to page editing process or as a separate content type.
If you create the Fee from within the How-to page editing process, you’ll find the Fee section under the “Details” tab.
You’ll be invited to write a description of the fee in a rich text editor, but only fill this out if you really need to include an explanation.
Beneath the Fee description field you can click either the “Add new fee” or “Add existing fee” button.
Fee description field
If you choose “Add new fee” a form will display that includes a series of fields to fill out (laid out below). If you choose “Add existing fee” a field will appear in which you can select an existing fee via an autopopulation field.

Creating a Fee as a separate content type

Select “Fee” tab

Administrative title

Required field. This title does not appear on, but can be used within the CMS to manage multiple Fee items.


Required. Describe briefly what the fee is for (e.g., a driver's license or parking). Will display under the “Name” heading on How-to page.
Fees example

Fee amount

Required. Enter the cost of this item or service in dollars. Letters or words will be removed if entered here. Add them to the Quantity field.


Required. Describe the smallest quantity of this item or service available. If there is only 1 of an item available please enter "each." If there is a cost for each individual, please enter "per person." This number will display under the “Unit” heading in the fee section of a How-to page.


Required. Please choose the organization most closely associated with this content. This is used only for filtering in the CMS and does not display on the page.


This is optional, however very helpful. Add one or more labels to be used to generate a list of pages with that label or combination of labels. Start typing to choose an existing label or add a new one by entering it directly.
Be sure to create specific labels: The label field is shared across the whole site; your label should be unique and identifiable to prevent overlap with others.

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