Executive Order

Publish a ruling or order issued by the governor.


State Executive Orders, which have the force of law, are based on existing constitutional or statutory powers of the Governor and do not require any action by the state Legislature to take effect. In Massachusetts, each Executive Order cites the legal basis for the Governor’s authority in issuing it.

Note: Special permission is required for creating and editing Executive Orders in the CMS.

Overview tab


Write the exact title of the order. The Executive Order number, to be filled in the field below, will appear before the title on the page.

Executive Order number

Use this required field to add the order’s official number, which will appear just before the title on the page.

Executive Orders are manually added by authors to Law Library Binders. These Binders each collect up to 100 Executive Orders (ex. Massachusetts Executive Orders 500-599).


The date that the Executive Order was issued. Appears directly below the page title. This is a required field.


Click the “Add Issuer” button in this required section to display the required issuing organization and display name fields. Insert the Governor’s office organization page and the Governor’s name. The title “Governor” will be added automatically, so only fill in the Governor’s name.

Mass. register number

Add the official number (digits only) of the Executive Order. This is the same number used in the Executive Order number field, and will appear just below the “Issuer” information. This is not a required field.

Executive Order number, title, date, issuer, Mass. register

Adjustment type

An optional field that can be used to indicate that this Executive Order revokes, supersedes, or amends another one. When you click the “Add Adjustment Type” box, fields will display for choosing the adjustment type from a dropdown menu (Amending, Replacing, Revoking, etc.) and adding a URL and link text for a “Related order.” Multiple adjustment types can be added, and they will appear beneath the “Issuer” or the Mass. register number, if that field is used.

Listing description

An optional short description that helps to explain your Executive Order when it appears in Curated Lists and search results. This information will not appear on the Executive Order itself.


Optional: Choose an existing label or create a new 1 so that your Executive Order can become part of an automatic list within a Curated List.

Be sure to create specific labels: the label field is shared across the whole site, so your label should be unique and identifiable to prevent overlap with others.


This field is automatically filled in when you fill out the issuing organization field above.

Intended Audience

Choose the audience this content is intended for. This information will help measure how well these audiences are being served and won't be displayed on the public-facing site. This is currently only for internal use. Choose from:

  • Not Set (default)

  • Personal

  • Professional (For their jobs)

  • Both equally

  • Unclear

Details tab


This rich text field is optional but can be used to provide a short description that precedes the text of the Executive Order.


This optional, but recommended, rich text field is for offering an HTML version of the Executive Order’s text.


An optional, but recommended, download of the Executive Order document.


Include contact information if this information needs to be displayed on the page. You can choose from an existing Contact Information item or create one.

Add links to pages on Mass.gov or external links. These links display on the right side of the page in a desktop view and at the bottom on mobile devices.