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Content that needs attention
Displays your organization's highest-trafficked pages with a score of 2.9 or below.


In order to consistently deliver constituents the best digital experience possible, it’s important to maintain high performing content. The Web Analytics Dashboards help identify the performance of your content, but it can be difficult knowing where to begin.
The "Content that needs attention" dashboard will help you answer that question. This dashboard displays your organization’s 10 most-trafficked pages with an overall score of 2.9 or below.

How it works

You’ll find the "Content that needs attention" dashboard below the “Latest release notes” box on the author landing page.
This dashboard will display up to 10 of your organization's top-trafficked pages with an overall score below 3, according to the Web Analytics Dashboards.
Note: The scores on this dashboard will update each calendar month after they've been recalculated. This means that if you make any revisions, they won't be reflected until the next month's calculation.
The content displayed on this dashboard isn’t necessarily content you’ve created or edited, it’s any page where the information in the Organization(s) field matches the organization tied to your user account.
For example: the Video & Multimedia Services page has Massachusetts Digital Service in its Organization(s) field. If this page scores a 2.9 or below, it will appear on the Needs Attention Dashboard for all Massachusetts Digital Service authors.
If you want to see the full list of your organization’s content, click the “full list of this content” link in the help text.
View full list of content
This link will take you to the “All content” page with pre-filtered results. The filters will already contain your organization and will only show pages with a score of 3 or below.
Here you’ll also be able to find snoozed content and which authors or editors are responsible for the content.

Reading the information in the dashboard

There’s a lot of information packed into this dashboard, so let’s take a look at each column.
  • Page Views (1 month) - Total number of pageviews over the last 30 days.
  • Title
  • Content Type - Only pages with Analytics Dashboards (Service, Service Details, Information Details, and How-to) will appear
  • Score - The overall score measures page health, according to the Analytics Dashboards. While the number doesn't tell you how well a page is performing, it can sound alarms for issues. Select the score to go directly to that page's dashboard to see the breakdown of metrics. The scores shown in the "Content that needs attention" dashboard and the "Page health overall" table in the individual page's Analytics Dashboard may differ due to differences in when the data is calculated. The score is based on up to 5 metrics:
    • "Nos" per 1,000 sessions
    • Rate of traffic to children
    • Eject rate
    • Broken links
    • Reading grade level, depending on the content type.
  • Last Revised
  • Snooze content for 4 weeks

Snoozing content

After you’ve made revisions to the page, you can remove it from the list by clicking the “snooze” button. This will remove the page for the next 4 weeks. If your revisions caused the page’s score to rise above 3, it won’t appear again once the 4 weeks are up.
Important: When you snooze content, it will be snoozed across the CMS. This means it won’t appear in anyone else’s "Content that needs attention" dashboard. Only snooze content you’ve personally revised.
When you snooze a page, you’ll see the following message in a grey box: “[Page title] has been snoozed, and will disappear from this table on page refresh. Undo.”
Click “Undo” if you don’t want to snooze the page just yet. If you do want to snooze it, you can close the box by clicking the “x” on the far right side or leave the row alone. Once you return to this page, the item will have been snoozed.

See snoozed content

If you want to check on content you’ve previously snoozed, click the “See snoozed content” link at the bottom of the table to see all your organization's snoozed content.
This link will take you to the "All content" screen where you can filter between snoozed and un-snoozed content, among other filters.

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