Learn how to add a video to your page.


You can add videos to these content types:

  • Service page

  • Information Details

  • Service Details

  • News

  • Promotional page

Currently, supports videos hosted by YouTube and by Vimeo. The steps to adding a video are almost the same no matter which content type you're working on. The only difference is where you find the "Add video" button.

Find the "add video" button

On Service Details

Find the "Sections" tab and click "Add Video":

On Information Details

  1. Find the "Content" tab

  2. Click "Section Content"

  3. Click "Add Video"

On News items

Click the "Main Content" tab, and then click "Add Video":

On Service pages

Find the "Overview" tab & then click either "Add new file" or "Add existing file:

On Promotional pages

From the "Content" tab, videos can be added to the page's "Header section" or as part of a dedicated "Video section" further down the page. New or existing video files can be added to either section.

Videos can be added to Promotional page Header and Video sections

Add a new video

Choose this option if you want to add a video you've never added to a page before.

  1. Click “Add new file”

  2. Give your video a title in Name

  3. Copy the "share" URL link of your video and paste the URL into Video URL

  4. If you add content into Transcript and Video Description, will create a link to a page with your video and its transcript & description

Add a video you've used before

  1. Click "Add existing file."

  2. Enter the title or part of the title in Media name contains:

  3. Check the box to the left of the correct video and click "Select"

(Optional) 4. If you need to update any of the information about the video, click the "edit" button

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