How to optimize images

Step-by-step guide to optimizing images.


Adobe Photoshop is the standard program for creating and editing images. If you don’t have Photoshop, use an online web app like Pixlr to create files. Here is how to open a new image file and adjust an image size in Pixlr:

Step 1: Open editor

Go to the Pixlr website

Step 2: Select your image

Choose "Create a new image" or "Open image from computer."

If you create a new image, enter the dimensions according to guidelines

Step 3: Adjust image size

Adjust the image size by selecting "Image" from the dropdown menu, then select "Canvas size." Enter the new dimensions, and select "OK" when done.

Note: Clicking "Image size" will stretch the image to a new aspect ratio.

Step 4: Save image

To save an image, select “File” from the dropdown menu, select “Save”, and enter the filename and format appropriate for the image. This will usually be a JPG. Select “My computer” or “Pixlr library” depending on where you want to save the file.