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Learn about Topic pages, which are key pages in the site navigation.


Topic Pages group services that are similar but that can be owned by different, sometimes unrelated state organizations. This resource will help you understand how Topic Pages work, and how they help Mass.gov achieve its goal of being service-oriented and constituent-centered.

While Topic Pages can only be created by the Mass Digital team, you have some control over how Topic Pages preview your content.

You can request a new Topic Page from the Digital Services team, or request that your content be added to an existing page.

To request a Topic Page, submit a support request through ServiceNow that includes your Service Page URLs.

Currently, only Service Pages and other Topic Pages can be linked from Topic Pages.

Topic Pages help organize Mass.gov

Topic Pages help organize content into broad categories of information. They are designed to be general and agency-agnostic. This helps users who might have a general sense of what they’re looking for, but don’t know the name of a program or government service. Here are examples of Topic Pages:

The highest-level, most general Topic Pages on Mass.gov are those at the top of the home page: Living, Working, Learning, Visiting & Exploring, and Your Government.

Topic Pages and your content

Topic Page fields.

Topic Pages don’t have much content of their own. Like most other pages, they have a banner, title, and a short description at the top.

Topic Page cards linking to related Topic Pages.

The rest of the page is made up of previews of content that already exists on the site. Gray cards with short lists of links are previews of other Topic Pages. The hyperlinked titles atop the cards take you to sub-Topic Pages, while the list of links on the cards take you to Service Pages.

Service Page Featured links appear on Topic Pages.

Gray cards with large blue buttons are previews of Service Pages. The blue buttons are the Featured links on each Service Page.

If you change one of your service’s Featured links, the gray preview cards will automatically update to reflect your choice. Similarly, if you change your Service Page’s title or short description, the Topic will update, too.

Featured Topics appearing on an Organization Page.

You can also add Topic Pages to your Organization Page. They’ll appear under a “Featured Topics” header. This is most useful when your services make up the majority of a Topic Page’s content. However, you can also request that Mass Digital create a Topic Page that will only appear on your Organization Page.

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