Featured Message

An optional callout box to highlight important information on your Organization page.


The Featured Message is a great way to provide your audience with important, time-sensitive information and links near top of your Organization page. This optional callout box will appear in between you Organization page’s short description and the Featured Item Mosaic, or if you have not chosen to use a Featured Item Mosaic, between your organization’s short description and Contact information.

Organizations may choose to use the Featured Message to highlight information that doesn’t necessarily call for creating an Alert, to consolidate multiple Alerts, to bring more attention to a link or content type that is further down on the page (like a recent press release), or to shorten their short description or “Who we serve” section by relocating text that doesn’t really belong in those fields.

For critical announcements, we recommend using Alerts instead of or in addition to a Featured Message.

The Featured Message will only appear on your Organization page, so if you have information that needs to be featured on multiple content types, an Alert may be a more appropriate option.

The Featured Message tool can be found in the “Featured” tab. Click “Add Featured Message.”

Step #2: Add a heading

Your Featured Message heading should be a short, high-level description or summary of your message. It must be 60 characters or fewer in length, and can only contain text.

Step #3: Add your content

The “Featured message content” field is where you’ll enter the main text of your message. It is a rich text field, meaning this section can contain any combination of text, links, images, and formatting such as bulleted lists. There is a 1,500-character limit, but we recommend keeping your content much shorter than that.

You may find it easier to draft your Featured Message content in a different program, like Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste it here.

If there is a page where your audience can either find more information or complete an action relevant to your Featured Message, you can choose to insert a Featured Message link. Your Featured Message link will appear below your Featured Message content in slightly larger sized font.

You can link to any Mass.gov content type by simply typing the title of the page and selecting it using the autocomplete feature, or to a page off Mass.gov by pasting a URL that begins with http:// or https://. You may also chose to edit the link text, if the page’s title isn’t descriptive enough for this space.

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