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How to request a Formstack account so that you can create forms on


Mass Digital has a limited number of Formstack licenses, so we ask that only individuals who will be using Formstack to create forms on a regular basis request accounts.
If you just need to build a form once or once in a while, contact someone in your department who has a Formstack account to create the form, or reach out to Mass Digital through ServiceNow. If you only need a Formstack account to access secure uploads, see our article on pairing Formstack with OneDrive.
If you would like a Formstack account, submit a ServiceNow support request.
We’ll need to know:
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your agency

Two-factor authentication

Once you have a Formstack account, you’ll need to set up 2-factor authentication. Mass Digital requires this for security.
You can use Google Authenticator in the same way that you use 2-factor authentication for the Content Management System and other applications. See Formstack’s help article on how to set up Google Authenticator or other applications, as well as how to set up 2-factor authentication with text messages.
After you enable 2-factor authentication, you’ll be given the option to save backup codes. We strongly recommend you save these in a safe place because 2-factor authentication can't be reset by Mass Digital, ServiceNow/CommonHelp, or Formstack.
If you lose access and don't have your backup codes, we would have to work with Formstack to get access to your backup codes, which may not be a quick process.

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