Responding to feedback

Set response expectations if you give the option to collect visitors' contact information.


You can choose to collect contact information from visitors leaving feedback on your content. It’s important that you make this option available if you know your organization has the capability to respond to these requests within a reasonable time frame.

Setting appropriate response expectations

You can set the expectations for a response by completing the Response expectations message field on the Organization page. Be specific about how long visitors should expect to wait for a response.

Reviewing feedback that requires a response

It’s recommended to monitor the Feedback Manager daily so you don’t miss any requests for a response. When viewing the Feedback Manager, you can filter by Organization, Author, or Content. Then, find the feedback that requires a direct response by selecting “Yes” from the Filter by Requires Response filter.

Visitors’ contact information may include:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

You can’t respond directly through the CMS, so you will have to respond outside of the CMS via email, phone, or whichever medium your organization prefers.

If your organization doesn’t have the resources to constantly monitor feedback, consider offering visitors a link to another page where they may find communication options. These alternative communication options could be in the form of a directory or contact form.

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