Content quality

This measures whether your content is easy to read and understand.


Content Quality is scored in 2 areas: broken links and readability. This is the category that will tell you if you are providing content that is easy for visitors to read and understand.

The data powering this dashboard come from Siteimprove. This tool can highlight difficult words, misspellings, and broken links for you, making them all easy to fix. If you would like to create a Siteimprove account, please let us know by submitting a ServiceNow support request.

Siteimprove updates this data about once a week. To make this data as useful and actionable as possible, this dashboard feature 2 tables:

  • This month's data (so far)

    • Broken links (most recent check this month)

    • Readability (most recent check this month)

  • Last month's data

    • Content Quality score

    • Broken links (last month)

    • Readability (last month)

Broken links

This indicator tells you the number of broken links that are on your page. If you do not have any broken links, you will see a 0. If you have 10 broken links, you will see a 10. You should have zero broken links on your page.

Learn more about using Siteimprove to find and replace broken links.


Readability is how difficult it is to read your content. It is measured by a test that tells you what grade level your content is written for.

The targeted readability for content is Grade 6, but we know this is more difficult for some content than others. If your content has a reading level between 6th and 8th grade, you will score well in this area.

Learn more about using Siteimprove to measure and improve your content’s readability.

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