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Restricted access
Limit who can see your content while it's still a draft.


If you’re working on content that should only be visible to a few people until you publish it, you can tell the CMS to restrict who can see it while the content is still in draft form. This resource will show you how to do this.

Step 1

Find the Restrict Content Access dropdown menu on the right side of your unpublished content. Click the arrow to open the menu.

Step 2

Click the option to “Hide the content of this page.”

Step 3

If you want other users to also be able to see this content while it is in draft form, use the the “Additional Users” dropdown. This is an autofill field that lets you search for and select usernames.
Usernames are typically the first letter of the user’s first name and their full last name. For example, a user named John Winthrop would have jwinthrop as a username.
Add the users you want to have access to this content. Separate multiple users with commas.

After your restricted content is published…

…you can no longer restrict access to it. The content, as well as all future drafts, will be visible to all other users with access to edit.mass.gov. This will still be true if you archive a piece of published content. (Tip: If you need to restrict who can see a future draft of published content, create an entirely new page. Then, when version 2 is ready to publish, archive version 1.)

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Last modified 2yr ago