See the different versions of your content as you save and revise it.


Any time content changes are saved, either in published or draft form, a new version of the page is created and added to a running list of revisions. The "Revisions" tab at the top of all pages while in the CMS allows you to review these revisions, compare them, and revert to older ones if desired.

Reviewing revisions

Organizations review revisions for numerous reasons:

  • To track changes when multiple members of a team work on content

  • To publish drafts

  • To revert to an earlier version of the page. For example, an organization might test how an Organization page with a Featured Item Mosaic performs, but then decide after looking at the Analytics Dashboard that it wants to go back to its traditional Organization page layout

You can go back and view earlier published and draft versions of your pages by clicking on the "Revisions" tab while in the CMS.

"Revisions" tab is located at the top of all pages within the CMS.

Clicking on the "Revisions" tab brings up a reverse chronological list of past versions.

Revisions list.

You can view the past versions by clicking on the hyperlinked dates on the left hand side of the screen.

How to review an earlier version of content.

Note: In order to keep the CMS database from getting too large, we will soon implement a process to remove revisions older than 14 months.

You can publish an earlier version by clicking the "Revert" button on the right side of the screen.

Click "Revert" button to go back in time.

Clicking the "Revert" button will bring up a screen to double check that you really want to publish the earlier version.

Warning screen about reverting to an earlier version.

Comparing revisions

Before reverting to a previous version, you might want to first compare versions.

Step 1: From the list of revisions, click on 1 one small circle apiece in each of the 2 columns just to the left of the "Revert" buttons.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the Revisions list and click the "Compare Selected Revisions" button.

"Compare Selected Revisions" button.

Step 3: Review the side-by-side change logs, noting changes highlighted in pink and green.

The pink and green shaded areas highlight changes.

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