Creating content

Learn about the basic content types and how to create content.

To create content, click the green “Add content” button at the top of the CMS.

Content types

Each content type has a specific purpose. (A content type is like a template for laying out your text, images, and downloads.) Content types are grouped into 6 categories:

  • Services & Info: Content types for transactions, services, and information that your organization offers its users

  • Org & Contact Info: Content types for info about your organization, including locations

  • News & Events: News, events, and alerts

  • Laws & Regs: Law library content types

  • Other: For now, all that’s here is the Promotional page, which you can use for a marketing or awareness campaign

  • Decision Tree (Beta): Guide users through a set of questions to deliver them to an optimal conclusion

If you need to learn the content types, we recommend starting with the service suite, or the 4 page types at the heart of

The Service Page

Service Pages are the faces for your organization’s services. Each includes all the important transactions and information that make up a service or program your organization oversees.

Service Page resources:

The Service Page usually includes several types of subpages — or pages that go into depth on some aspect of your service. Here they are:

How-to Pages

How-to Pages help users do something. It’s an essential part of the service suite, since needing to accomplish something is a main reason constituents visit

How-to Pages might include a description of how to accomplish something, fee information, key downloads, and links to other applications.

Information Details and Service Details

Constituents might also need information — more information than you can include in the Service Page’s overview. The 2 main content types for informational pages are the Information Detail and Service Detail. In addition to text and images, you can also add videos and iFrames.

The main difference between them is that Information Details are designed for long-form content. However, if you have brief, simple content, a Service Detail works fine.

Other page types

There are lots of other content types to help you communicate with your users. Some you might want to know about are: