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Web Analytics Dashboards
The Web Analytics Dashboards embedded in the CMS are designed to help you better understand how people are finding your content and what they are doing with it.
All authors and editors have access within the CMS to embedded Web Analytics Dashboards that provide data about their content. These dashboards provide basic reporting capabilities to help you better understand how your content is being consumed and, potentially, how to improve it.
The Web Analytics Dashboards will not work in Internet Explorer. Use a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
The dashboards feature 3 reports (or tabs) whose metrics vary slightly by content type:
  • Page health: Indicates whether any issues of concern have cropped up on your pages.
  • Audience: Describes the number and basic make-up of people who view your content.
  • Visitor interaction: Details what visitors do on your pages.
The metrics underlying the dashboards are fueled by various tools, including Google Analytics and Siteimprove.
When using these dashboards, keep in mind that web analytics only measure behavior, and not a visitor’s holistic experience. This means that these dashboards will reveal what people do, but not why they do it.
To identify actionable improvements you could make based on these dashboards, consider the following questions:
  • Who is my audience?
  • Why are they coming to my content?
  • Where are they coming from, and what expectations do they have?
The answers to these questions may provide valuable context for the data you see on the Web Analytics Dashboards, especially if you are able to combine them with information about your organization’s business processes.
Note: The Web Application Dashboards are not available for Decision Trees, and Promotional pages have their own dashboards.

Choosing the date range

At the top of the dashboard is a tool that lets you set a date range you want to see data from.
Activate the date filter by clicking on the box under the heading “Time range.”
Choose a date range for data
The “Defaults” menu offers a number of preset ranges. All of these are relative to today, e.g. “Last week” means from 7 days ago to today. You can also set specific start and end dates using the “Custom” menu.
All charts on the dashboard except for page health charts show data by day. Page health charts require at least a month’s worth of data for an accurate calculation.
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