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This Knowledge Base is your self-service guide to authoring and updating content for Most of this guide focuses on the Content Management System (CMS), but we also address related third-party tools such as Formstack and Google Analytics.
If you are new to, you will find tips, instructions, guidelines, and other information you need to use it successfully. If you have been authoring for a while, you can find updates on familiar content, learn about new features, and brush up on best practices.
The Knowledge Base also offers resources for learning about design, accessibility, site analytics, and content strategy. Search by keyword or use the table of contents menu to navigate section by section. Like and the CMS, the Knowledge Base is continually evolving. Users can suggest or request new content for the Knowledge Base via this form. guiding principles and best practices is the public face of the Commonwealth for constituents. We aim to make our website fast, easy, and secure for all those who use it.’s guiding principles:
  • We are constituent-centric. We aim to create content that visitors to our site find easy to use and understand, whether they are here for personal, professional, or informational purposes.
  • We strive to use plain language. This helps people read, understand, and use services more easily, and it improves the accuracy of auto-translation tools.
  • Avoid confusing “government-speak” wherever possible. This includes things like acronyms and jargon that someone outside your office might not understand.
  • We strive to make content that is accessible for all visitors, regardless of their abilities.
  • We work to make usable across devices, including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • We maintain a consistent design across the website so the public has a seamless experience.
  • We adapt our website, services, and information based on visitor feedback to give people the best experience possible.
Getting Started
Authoring & Editing
Measurement & Improvement
Learn the basics - from logging in to descriptions of core features, to website policies for
Plan, design, and write content for Writing style, choosing the right content type, and other information for more experienced content creators.
Access built-in tools to understand your audience’s experience and measure effectiveness to continue improving your content:
3rd-Party Tools
Documents, Images & Video
Mass Digital Resources
Use these services to gain insight into your content’s performance, ensure a quality visitor experience, add modules for seeking feedback, and integrate social media.
Manage files, documents, and other forms of content on
Access Mass Digital’s archive of tips, release notes, and content from past convenings and newsletters.
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These are the most common topics that CMS authors ask for help with:
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