Installing Google Tag Manager

How to install Google Tag Manager

This guide describes how to add a Google Tag Manager container to your website. You will need:

  • The header and body code for your Tag Manager Container, which you can get from Mass Digital

  • The ability (access, approval, etc.) to deploy new code on your website

A Tag Manager container contains the tags that collect data on your site. After you’ve installed the container code, you create and deploy tags through Google Tag Manager’s web interface.

Step 1: Add the header container code

Add the header container code as close as possible to the opening <head> tag on every page of your website.

Step 2. Add the body container code

Add the body container code after the opening <body> tag.

Step 3. Mass Digital will verify the installation

Mass Digital will verify that the container has been correctly installed, and that we can begin to work with you on capturing web analytics on your site.

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