Traveler information landing page and form dashboard and "Trail Map"


This document outlines the metrics found in the Traveler information landing page and form dashboard, the context for each metric, and why these metrics matter to the intended audience consuming the dashboard. This document serves as a history of the changes made, and describes the "trail map" of potential future enhancements and fixes.

The dashboard is primarily concerned with data around the pages:

  • /forms/massachusetts-travel-form

  • /info-details/covid-19-travel-order

  • /guidance/guidance-for-travelers-arriving-in-the-commonwealth-of-massachusetts

Dashboard Audience

We produced this dashboard so that Matt Moran, undersecretary of EOTSS, could report on travel form data and submissions.

Dashboard filters

On every page of this dashboard you will see filters that let you change:

  • The time range that charts and tables are set to (default time range is set to the last 7 days excluding today)

  • Device type (desktop, mobile, and tablet)

Metrics and Context

Below, we outline each page of the dashboard, including the metrics you’ll find on it and the context for why those metrics matter to the dashboard’s audience. The dashboard focused on the Traveler information landing page and how many people then go on to complete the Travel form.

Page 1 - Traffic Overview

Travel form metrics

The first scorecard shows the total number of unique form submissions that occurred on the page /forms/massachusetts-travel-form from July 24th to the present day. The second scorecard shows the number of submissions from the previous day.

The form submission line graph to the right of the scorecards shows the number of unique form submission events that happened each day since July 24th.

Note: We've been updating this data but consulting Formstack each morning. The travel form data is in the production AWS account, not in our sandbox account, and so we have not been ETLing it.

Travel content traffic

The large scorecard shows the total number of pageviews to all the travel related pages (listed above in the Overview section of this document). This includes people viewing pages multiple times in the same session.

The line graph shows the number of pageviews from July 24th to the current day (unless otherwise set in the date range filter).

The three blue scorecards beneath the green scorecard and line graph show the pageview breakdown for the 3 travel information pages.

Referral traffic

The table shows the source of referral traffic to the travel form and information pages, as well as the number of pageviews each source generated based on the default time range (July 24th to the current day) or another timeframe set in the date range selector.

The pie chart is just a visual depiction of the table and is limited to only showing the top 5 referral sources.

Trail map

  • Get Formstack data for, in-state vs. out of state submissions, and USA vs. other country submissions

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