2020 analytics release notes

Release notes from 2020.

Dec. 31, 2020

  • Brainstorm DUA project success metrics & build a dashboard. (DP-19729)
  • Investigate & fix failing formstack DAG. (DP-20704)
  • Publish DFML pixels. (DP-20805)

Dec. 23, 2020

  • Reduce AWS costs by deleting unnecessary snapshots, backups, etc. (DP-20740)
  • Make modifications to Travel Form data flow. (DP-19864, DP-20388, DP-20533)
  • Fixed a bug where, if you added too many pages to the “page” filter on Organization Web Analytics Dashboard, the “Apply” button disappeared beneath the next row. (DP-20639)
  • Create ad hoc paidleave.mass.gov web analytics dashboard. (DP-20652)
  • Run sitewide query for vaccine-related feedback. (DP-20657)
  • Add paidleave.mass.gov employer KPIs to Drupal. (DP-20667)
  • Edit service family KPI selection help text. (DP-20668)
  • Handle nulls in promotional page KPI data. (DP-20720)
  • Add service family dashboard to Drupal. (DP-20721)
  • Investigate Siteimprove API call failure. (DP-20753)

Dec. 17, 2020

  • Produce MVP user survey data dashboard for Paid Leave team. (DP-20535)
  • Google Analytics data QA checking. (DP-20157)
  • Upgrade Superset to newest stable version. (DP-20173)
  • Model data for paidleave.mass.gov cross-domain KPIs. (DP-20405)
  • Create a client ID time delta table. (DP-20643)
  • Create a service family KPI daily table. (DP-20647)
  • Create a service family KPI monthly table. (DP-20649)
  • Create a service family sessions table. (DP-20650)
  • Fix header logo tag. (DP-20715)

Dec. 10, 2020

  • Fix bug that created incorrect video data on Promotional Page KPI dashboards. (DP-20619)
  • Remove obsolete Feedback Tagger infrastructure. (DP-19946)
  • Create new table to include service pages in service families. (DP-20525)
  • Resolve Formstack issue that prevented CTC Travel Order forms from being correctly submitted. (DP-20547)
  • Create initial PFML employer web analytics dashboard. (DP-20604)
  • Identify which Mass.gov events to fire in cross-domain property. (DP-20611)
  • Add new languages to Travel Form. (DP-20620)
  • Contribute to ESC report. (DP-20641)

Dec. 3, 2020

  • Fixed a bug where video engagement, such as the number of plays and the number of partial watches, was’t being counted correctly in promotional page dashboards. (DP-20531)
  • Get automated QA jobs back online. (DP-19812)
  • Determine if friendly URLs disrupt cross-domain tracking. (DP-20512)
  • Add tags to new paidleave.mass.gov pages. (DP-20534)

Nov. 19, 2020

  • Increase space in both production databases. (DP-20453)
  • Prototype a service family KPI selection interface. (DP-19804)
  • Draft email about Feedback Manager changes. (DP-20271)
  • Document Formstack DAG. (DP-20307)
  • Fix odd link text in Google Analytics search data. (DP-20350)
  • Query site feedback for vaccine-related submissions. (DP-20352)
  • Propose service family KPIs (DP-20376)
  • Switch Feedback Manager to new API. (DP-20380)
  • Fix bug where “Signees” links were appearing in GA as “Location listing links.” ( DP-20408)
  • Determine how to get “service families” dimension into the database (DP-20449)
  • Formstack cleanup DAG failing silently. (DP-20493)
  • Investigate ETL health check failures. (DP-20503)
  • Modify Formstack DAG to skip API call if backfilling 2 weeks ago or earlier. (DP-20508)
  • Filter `fbclid` parameters out of Google Analytics. (DP-20519)
  • Automate Travel metrics dashboard. (DP-20385)

Nov. 12, 2020

  • Optimize DAG run times so they don’t overlap. (DP-20183).
  • Add Docker hub login to build process so we don’t get rate limited. (DP-20485)
  • When you look up feedback submissions in Google Analytics, you can now learn if people replied “yes” or “no” (though you can’t see what they added to the free text question). (DP-20433)
  • Removed the “share chart” option from Superset dashboards, as clicking it doesn’t do anything. (DP-20370)
  • Update IG’s fraud reporting dashboard. (DP-20377)
  • Analyze GA training survey data. (DP-20384)
  • Fixed bug that caused missing scoring data in the “Needs Attention” dashboard (and throughout the CMS). (DP-20443)

Nov. 5, 2020

  • Fixed issue where on utility nav login link clicks were being counted as promotional page “see more” link clicks. (DP-20440)
  • Fixed an issue on the Organization Web Analytics data where, if you added too many items to the “organization” filter, the “apply” button would disappear beneath the next row, preventing you from applying your filter. (DP-16636)
  • Identified potential KPIs for PFML. (DP-19800)
  • Fixed a bug that slightly altered pageviews data for about 30 Mass.gov pages in the CMS dashboards. (DP-20204)
  • Fixed a bug on CMS dashboards and Organization Web Analytics dashboards where very long URLs in tables created a horizontal scroll bar and pushed metrics off screen. (DP-20229)
  • Updated global navigation tracking to match new burger menu global navigation. (DP-20301)
  • Draft and send GA training survey. (DP-20311)
  • Investigate Google Analytics 4 and if we should switch to it. (DP-20318)
  • Document OIG fraud reporting dashboard. (DP-20329)
  • Add cross-domain analytics GA property to BigQuery. (DP-20359)
  • Adjust Formstack DAG to account for daylight savings time. (DP-20402)

Oct. 29, 2020

  • Create paidleave.mass.gov Google Analytics view. (DP-20211)
  • Convert feedback API to serverless architecture. (DP-11593)
  • Investigate if we can add a second property to BigQuery. (DP-19802)
  • Fix table of contents tag in Google Tag Manager that was generating bad data. (DP-20202)
  • Investigate where we are missing client ID in Google Tag Manager. (DP-20224)
  • Prepare for and run GA training #9. (DP-20227)
  • Separate API call from S3 load in Formstack DAG. (DP-20238)
  • Update Formstack DAG to run once an hour. (DP-20269)
  • Update CEIT dashboard with new data. (DP-20282)
  • Fix double-firing contact info tags in Google Tag Manager. (DP-20312)
  • Prepare for and run GA training #10. (DP-20326)
  • Add tracking for edge case contact information items. (DP-20313)

Oct. 20, 2020

  • Investigate potential feedback data quality issues in ETL database. (DP-20046)
  • Fix bug that caused accordion open/close tagging to not work on Internet Explorer and Firefox. This appeared as (not set) in Google Analytics. (DP-20159)
  • Fix bug causing some CMS dashboards to show data for an RMV how-to page instead of the page they were intended for. (DP-20161)
  • Confirm that analytics.entrance_groups numbers are correct in web analytics database (DP-19913)
  • Rebuild and relaunch Organization Web Analytics dashboard (formerly the “leadership dashboard). (DP-19925)
  • Create first round of web analytics tags for paidleave.mass.gov. (DP-20018)
  • Update CEIT dashboard with data on campaigns. (DP-20103)
  • Conduct day-by-day QA testing for pageviews numbers in the web analytics database. 2 days were missing and have since been added. CMS dashboards have been updated accordingly. (DP-20120)
  • Update UI calculators with new maximum weekly benefits numbers. (DP-20167)
  • Prepare for and conduct 8th Google Analytics training session. (DP-20188)
  • Work with authors who use Feedback Manager tags to confirm that forthcoming changes will not break anything they depend on. (DP-20194)
    Adjust warehouse schema sensors for new Formstack summary table. (DP-20210)
  • Nagging items for Feedback Manager migration cleanup. (DP-20217)
    Change Superset metric names to be a little more human-readable. (DP-14015)
  • Investigate Superset visualizations we don’t use to see if there are opportunities for improving live dashboards. (DP-19751)

Oct. 13, 2020

  • Fixed filter errors on Organization Web Analytics dashboard in preparation for re-launch. (DP-20182)
  • Replaced missing Formstack data between Sept. 20 and 27th. (DP-20185)
  • Clean up Feedback Manager database. (DP-19226)
  • Archive old Data Studio dashboards. (DP-19919)
  • Determine what we need to do to get Feedback Manager running off ETL database. (DP-19330)
  • Prep GA training week 7. (DP-20118)
  • Evaluate Superset releases and see if there is a compelling reason to update. (DP-20155)

Oct. 6, 2020

  • Investigate alternatives to our current method of cross-domain tracking. (DP-20083)
  • Tag service and organization page action finder overflow links. (DP-20078)
  • Tag “featured message” link on Organization Pages (DP-20077)
    Prep GA training week 6. (DP-19821, DP-19824)
  • Delete obsolete GTM tags and triggers. (DP-20075)
  • QA utility nav tracking. (DP-20076)
  • Determine if there are any missing (major) link or button clicks that we aren’t tracking. (DP-19831)
  • Insert missing feedback into production database. (DP-20028)
  • Extend how much data is available in web analytics dashboards to January 1st, 2019. (DP-20101)

Sept. 29, 2020

  • Automate destruction old data from travel form. (DP-19861)
  • Fix issue where string data in a boolean field caused Formstack ETL to fail. (DP-20032)
  • Upgrade YouTube tags to built-in templates, update custom JS script for tracking Vimeo to use Vimeo’s own JS api, and add missing metadata from video tags. (DP-19122)
  • Add tracking for Binder table of contents. (DP-19480)
  • Fix “Log in to…” tracking to include “close” events and missing metadata. (DP-19555)
  • Add “related services” tracking to services pages. (DP-19778)
  • Prepped and ran week 5 of Google Analytics training. (DP-19819, DP-19822)
  • Fixed Superset iFrame config in Drupal dashboards won’t break every time we do a release. (DP-19935)
  • Add tracking for Organization Page searches (i.e. the search in the Org Page subnav). (DP-19967)
  • Tagged “See all locations” buttons on Service/Org pages. (DP-19979)
  • Tagged “Offered by” link on Service Pages. (DP-19980)
  • Tagged “Related guides,” “Related locations,” and “More locations” fields on Guides and Locations respectively. (DP-19981)

Sept. 22, 2020

  • Fixed bug that prevented you from seeing page health assessments for Guide pages. (DP-19947)
  • Fixed issue where Custom Link Group link clicks were being labeled as “Callout button link” clicks in Google analytics. (DP-19966)
  • You can now look up clicks to the “previous” and “next” buttons for pages in Binders. (DP-19561)
  • Rebuilt some Tag Manager tags in templates. (DP-19776, DP-19478)
  • Prepped and ran week 4 of Google Analytics training. (DP-19820, DP-19823)
  • Finished data backfill for web analytics dashboards. (DP-19856)
  • Fixed issue where clicks on How-to page “Action steps” icons were being labeled as action accordion clicks. (DP-19921)
  • Investigated reason for duplicate entries appearing in Feedback Manager. (DP-19945)

Sept. 15, 2020

  • Fix related links click tracking, which was also picking up other types of clicks. (DP-19656)
  • Prepare for GA training week 3. (DP-19726, DP-19724)
  • Cleanup Superset dashboards for launch. (DP-19827, DP-19851)
  • Improve logging for Formstack cleanup DAG. (DP-19045)
  • Fixed bug that caused Feedback form to submit duplicate forms. (DP-19192)
  • Re-factored table of contents click tracking in GTM. (DP-19556, DP-19847, DP-19849, DP-19865)
  • You can now see Decision Tree branch button clicks in Google Analytics. (DP-19558)
  • Drop obsolete tables from database and remove obsolete SQL scripts from reporting DAG. (DP-19728)
  • Complete interviews about KPIs with content strategists & CMS users. (DP-19741)
  • Analyze interview data. (DP-19845)
  • Draft KPI roadmap. (DP-19846)
  • Optimize view that shows most recent Siteimprove data. (DP-19894)
  • Revisit Data Studio dashboards to see if new features should be added to any existing dashboard. (DP-19752)

Sept. 8, 2020

  • Fixed bug in `page_health_assessment` view that causes multiple rows in the Overall Score table in Superset. (DP-19731)
  • Backfilled data from March 1, 2020 to now across raw, warehouse, and reporting schemas. (DP-19763)
  • Built and released COVID Enforcement & Intervention Team dashboard. (DP-19765)
  • Added metadata to Promotional Page GTM tags (e.g. inbound, outbound, or download; click target, etc.). (DP-19516)
  • Added tag for tracking “How to” and “Contact” info accordion opens and closes in Google Analytics. (DP-19562, DP-19563)
  • Produced slides and content for GA training week 2 (DP-19723, DP-19725)
  • Re-factored organization page news item click tracking in tag templates (DP-19777)
  • Added a new page to DPH dashboard (DP-19815)
  • Interviewed Nancy Cox for KPI roadmap (DP-19818)

Sept. 1, 2020

  • Fixed bug causing minimal amount of corrupted data in Google Analytics. DP-19810
  • Adjusted ETL code to account for new way of tracking promo pages. (DP-1977)
  • Conducted KPI research. (DP-19758, DP-19764)
  • Recreate location listing tracking in tag templates. (DP-19475)
  • You can now look up event listing clicks in Google Analytics. (DP-19477)
  • Added “service family” dimension to “search” tracking (i.e. you can now filter search events by service family). (DP-19565)
  • Recreate org page sub navigation tracking in tag templates. (DP-19703)
  • QA scoring schema ETL data. (DP-19578)

Aug. 25, 2020

  • Fixed bugs causing inflated pageview and unique pageview numbers in reporting schema. (DP-19709, DP-19722)
  • Fixed bugs causing inflated exit and traffic to children numbers in reporting schema. (DP-19710, DP-19755, DP-19756)
  • Fixed bug that misrepresented the number of entries from search in reporting schema. (DP-19718)
  • Fixed bug that misrepresented the number of entries from social in reporting schema. (DP-19719)
  • Added several new possible sources to “social,” including LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and YouTube. (DP-19719)
  • Fixed bug where entries from Twitter weren’t being correctly attributed. (DP-19719)
  • Inject JavaScript into Superset to evaluate if a page health indicator is OK, suggests a problem, or needs attention, and to turn the metric green, yellow, or red respectively. (DP-19352)
  • Create interview protocol for KPI research. (DP-19629)
  • Identify and recruit GA training participants. (DP-19653)
  • Create slide deck for week 1 GA training. (DP-19654)
  • Recreate relationship indicator click tracking in tag templates. (DP-19700)
  • Recreate Topic card tracking in tag templates. (DP-19702)
  • Recreate home page news & updates and popular searches in tag templates. (DP-19727)
  • Install software updates on AWS servers per EOTSS instructions. (DP-19766)

Aug. 18, 2020

  • QA all BigQuery tables. (DP-19576)
  • Switch warehouse schema to BigQuery tables instead of reporting API tables. (DP-19577)
  • Make Google Analytics training week 1 lesson plan. (DP-19655)
  • Tag Formstack submit button clicks. (DP-19559)
  • Re-factor feedback submission tagging to use confirmation message instead of button clicks to ensure that only actual submissions count.(DP-19559)
  • Rebuild Mosaic tracking in templates. (DP-19599)
  • Rebuild contact info click tracking in templates. (DP-19601)
  • Rebuild related link tracking in templates. (DP-19602)
  • Rebuild utility nav tracking in templates. (DP-19604)
  • Rebuild social media icon tracking in templates. (DP-19701)
  • Rebuild footer link tracking in templates. (DP-19606)
  • Clean up URLs that include “fbclid” parameter to make Google Analytics data cleaner. (DP-19571)

Aug. 11, 2020

  • Locked current version of Terraform across Mass Digital’s github repos so the newest versions breaking changes didn’t take down a site/app. (DP-19614).
  • Set up BigQuery DAG in Airflow. (DP-18681)
  • Create data formatter to modify BigQuery data before loading it into S3. (DP-19573)
  • Generalize Google Analytics “load” templates so that BigQuery DAG can also use them. (DP-19575)
  • Created new tables for BigQuery data in web analytics database. (DP-19574)
  • Added a scoring table for Location Details. (DP-19371)
  • Created extract scripts for BigQuery DAG. (DP-19634)
  • Build MA traveler form and content dashboard. (DP-19438)
  • Add downloads by document to OSD dashboard. (DP-19446)
  • Create Google Analytics training plan. (DP-19546)
  • In Google Analytics, feedback and Formstack submissions now include other information, such as button text and service family. (DP-19515)
  • Rebuild callout button analytics tracking in templates. (DP-19595)
  • Rebuild rich text link tracking in templates. (DP-19597)
  • Rebuild related link tracking in templates. (DP-19598)
  • Rebuild alert link tracking in templates. (DP-19603)
  • Configure queries for DUA feedback work. (DP-19542)

Aug. 4, 2020

  • Generate draft of a “re-introducing web analytics dashboards” email. (DP-19349)
  • Fixed an issue where particularly large datasets were causing DAG runs to fail. (DP-19519)
  • Create view in reporting database that converts GPA judgments to text assessments. (DP-19353)
  • Fix bug that caused incorrect GPA scores in page health scores table in reporting database. (DP-19488)
  • Write draft of what’s different between free Google Analytics and Premium Google Analytics. (DP-19355)
  • Wrote new knowledge base items to describe forthcoming web analytics dashboards 1.0. (DP-19356, DP-19357,DP-19358,DP-19359)
  • Researched buttons to tag for GTM refactor. (DP-1931)
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect values in the “Service families” dimension in Google Analytics. (DP-19547)

July 28, 2020

  • Create SQL scripts to form upstream tables for BigQuery DAG (DP-19347)
  • SPIKE: Identify edge case links that we haven’t yet tagged in GTM (DP-19310)
  • QA Google Analytics data (DP-19369)
  • Fix bug that prevented us from collecting all rich text link clicks (DP-19469)
  • Fix bug that prevented us from collecting all related link clicks (DP-19470)
  • You can now view all main navigation clicks in Google Analytics (DP-19472)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented us from collecting when phone numbers were clicked in right-rail contact info (DP-19489)

July 21, 2020

  • Completed research on whether location details could be measured the same way as service details (DP-19168)
  • Fixed various issues on custom Data Studio dashboards caused by GTM refactor (DP-19320)
  • Identified several data quality issues with MassFishHunt cross-domain data (DP-19370)
  • Iterated on COVID-19 info & updates dashboard (DP-18360)
  • Built first iteration of content measurement dashboard for Operational Services Division (DP-19340)
  • Updated knowledge base to reflect latest Google Tag Manager refactor efforts (DP-19313)
  • You can now look up clicks to Binder organization links in Google Analytics (DP-19211)

July 14, 2020

  • Created designs for a modification to Superset that help authors interpret their content's page health scores. (DP-19210)
  • Created list of must-have metrics from BigQuery to aid ETL development. (DP-18680)
  • You can now look up relationship Indicator clicks in Google Analytics. (DP-19063)
  • You can now look up Related Service click tracking in Google Analytics. (DP-19194)
  • You can now look up clicks on featured cards (e.g. on Topic pages) in Google Analytics. (DP-19196)
  • You can now look up clicks on Curated List items in Google Analytics. (DP-19242)
  • You can now look up Contact Information clicks in Google Analytics. (DP-19107)
  • You can now look up clicks on Popular Searches and News & Updates on the homepage in Google Analytics. (DP-19216, DP-19217)
  • Deleted legacy tags and triggers from Google Tag Manager container. (DP-19243)

July 7, 2020

  • Added traffic to children scoring for Topic Pages to ETL for page health scoring. (DP-19241)
  • Activated Tag Manager 360. (DP-19221)
  • Activated Google Analytics 360. (DP-19222)
  • Modified ETL to include new way of tracking ejects. (DP-19219)
  • Modified ETL to include new way of tracking downloads. (DP-19218)
  • Fixed an issue where Feedback Manager wasn’t showing all available data. (DP-19193)
  • Fixed an issue where Feedback Manager wasn’t showing any data at all. (DP-19104)
  • Built & released a dashboard for DPH’s COVID-19 testing content. (DP-19172)
  • Created page health scoring system for Binders. (DP-19166)
  • Added traffic to children page health scoring to Curated Lists. (DP-19166)
  • Added Related organizations click tracking to Google Analytics. (DP-19103)
  • Added Our organizations click tracking to Google Analytics. (DP-19061)
  • Added Additional resources click tracking to Google Analytics. (DP-19101)
  • Added Callout link click tracking to Google Analytics. (DP-19100)
  • Added Rich text link click tracking to Google Analytics. (DP-19069)
  • Added Related link click tracking to Google Analytics. (DP-19066)
  • Created 3rd unemployment.mass.gov report. (DP-19033)
  • Added data validation tests to PPE sheet. (DP-18764)