DUA Traffic dashboard documentation


This document outlines the metrics found in the DUA traffic report Dashboard, the context for each metric, and why these metrics matter to the dashboard's stakeholders. This document serves as a history of the changes made, and describes the "trail map" of future enhancements and fixes.

Dashboard Audience

This dashboard is intended for DUA content managers who need to see traffic for content that isn't easy to group in GA or in the CMS.

The Mass.gov pages it focuses on are any associated with the Department of Unemployment Assistance.

Metrics and Context

This dashboard summarizes traffic to DUA content. This makes it easier to get this information than by using Google Analytics to filter by organization.

DUA Traffic Report

DUA content pageviews on Mass.gov. This line chart shows pageviews and unique pageviews to unemployment assistance content over time. We label unique pageviews as "approximate number of visits," as authors have expressed confusion over "sessions."

Details: Traffic & visits by page (total for this date range). This table breaks out pageviews by each page for DUA content.


These charts show the daily cumulative traffic to DUA content across Mass.gov and break down which content/pages are viewed the most. They reveal areas that consumers of this information are particularly interested in. For example, one business problem HRD uses this to answer is which content they need to put more effort into -- or less.

Trail Map

No plans to change this dashboard at this time.

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