COVID-19 Temporary hospital jobs dashboard documentation


This document outlines the metrics found in the temporary hospital jobs dashboard, the context for each metric, and why these metrics matter to the intended audience consuming the dashboard. This document serves as a history of the changes made, and describes the "trail map" of future enhancements and fixes.

The dashboard is primarily concerned with data around 2 pages:

  • /apply-for-jobs-at-covid-19-temporary-case-sites

  • /info-details/apply-for-jobs-at-covid-19-temporary-case-sites

The first is a Promotional Page, and the second describes and links to various job listings.

Dashboard audience

This dashboard is currently being used by the Communications team within EHS (Executive Office of Health and Human Services), as well as their agency partner, McKinsey. They're interested in funneling more applicants to job listings that haven't received enough resumes.

Metrics and context by page

Metric 1 (group): Traffic for target pages (page 1)

Affecting filters: Date, page.

COVID-19 Text Alerts. This line chart shows unique pageviews over time. This is also the number of sessions each target page has been in. It also includes a trendline.

Page and unique pageview table. This table breaks out the data from the line chart above by page, and shows the cumulative number of sessions that each page was in. It uses "unique pageviews" because Google doesn't really let us use sessions with pageview-scoped data.

Context for metric group 1. These charts show EHS how changes to the pages or their marketing tactics are affecting traffic to these pages. If traffic is declining, they know to make changes to the page or their marketing tactics. They can also see how much traffic they are getting for any specified time frame through the date range selector at the top. This means if they know they made a particular change to their marketing tactics of the page, they could zoom into this timeframe and get a snapshot of the effect the change had on the number of visits to the page.

Metric 2 ( group): Traffic sources

Affecting filters: Date, page.

Sources of traffic (just target pages). This pie chart breaks down traffic sources and mediums to the COVID-19 Temporary Job pages by unique pageviews. It shows 7 sources/mediums, and buckets the rest in “other.”

Sources of traffic (all This pie chart provides a comparison to the target pages pie chart. It shows session sources & mediums to all pages.

Context for metric group 2. Comparing session sources between the target pages and the rest of the site shows how the target pages' audience differs from the norm. At the time of writing, for example, the target pages receive a lot more social traffic than the rest of This can help EHS determine intent and position messaging that speaks to users in their particular context, which is different from the normal visits the site typically gets.

Metric 3 (group): Clicks to job listings

Affecting filters: Date, page.

Table with cumulative clicks by URL. This table shows all the outbound link clicks on the /info-details/apply-for-jobs-at-covid-19-temporary-case-sites page where people can go and sign up for jobs.

This metric is filtered to show the event category Click to a transactional appransactional app / external page , whthat has been triggered on the COVID-19 Temporary Workers Job pages only.

Line graph of event clicks by URL. This shows the trend of how often each job listing link is clicked by day.

Context. EHS wants to be able to understand how many people are clicking from the target pages through to the actual job applications. This can help tell them if messaging needs to be changed on the jobs pages, or if page design and layout needs to be adjusted to increase traffic to underperforming pages.

Trail Map

Enhancements to make:

  • A visualization of the "funnel" from the Promotional Page to the Info Details to the job listing links so that EHS can tell where people fall off

  • A comparison funnel that shows how traffic that doesn't use the Promotional Page performs, i.e. do people who see the Promotional Page more frequently click on a job listing?

  • Adding UTM parameters to MA Alert links that send traffic to the COVID-19 Temporary Workers page, and then visualizing that traffic on the dashboard

  • Determine where its appropriate to display the data as a total sum vs percentile.

  • The current funnel data focuses on click through, consider comparing pageviews an CTR at each funnel level

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