Digital analytics team release process

Building release notes

We are not releasing software. We are releasing updates on the work that the digital analytics team completes each week. These updates incorporate changes to multiple products & services. For these reasons, semantic versioning is not a good fit.

Instead, we use date versioning, and include a number at the end that we can increment if we ever need to release a hotfix to one or more products.

  1. Every ticket we complete in a given week goes into a release. This includes 1-off dashboards and spreadsheets--everything.

  2. Releases happen Tuesday (when we slate). If we change our slating day, the release day also changes.

  3. There is only 1 official set of release notes, which we generate based on the JIRA tickets we complete. For example, we don't cobble together release notes from GTM, the ETL, and Superset.

  4. Each ticket gets a release note in its comments.

    1. Basics of release notes - “What’s new”, “Improvements”, “Fixes”, and “Operations” - maybe we could combine this idea with the linked spreadsheet to create our own custom system?

    2. Note if this is "customer-facing": Is this something the CX team needs to tell our customers about, or is it just for us to document?

Ideally: We would all fill out the release notes field. Need to work w/ our JIRA admins to understand how to make this possible.

Release notes structure: of releases this week (for example, if we have to do 2 releases in a week, we go from DAF.2020.07.14-01 to DAF.2020.07.14-02).

When release notes are done

Post them in the #web-analytics-and-feedback slack channel. Make sure Fiona knows about them so that she can publish them for customers. One of us will also need to review her version of our release notes to make sure that she really is getting all the customer-facing items.

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