Google Analytics properties & views


Each Google Analytics account may have 1 or more properties. Each property has its own tracking ID and is often associated with individual websites or web applications, however the Commonwealth's cross-domain analytics stores all data for all websites with cross-domain tracking.


Properties can have 1 or more views, or filtered versions of the property's data set. For the Commonwealth's cross-domain analytics data, each view represents a different website's data set. Each view also includes data from, which permits analysts to see the interplay between their organization's website and
Your website's view will include:
  • pageview data
  • Your site's pageview data
  • Events (i.e. user interactions) data that we're tracking on your site
  • Events that we have implemented on along with your cross-domain tracking that are specific to the service(s) you are delivering
Please note: By default, regular events are not part of cross-domain tracking.

GA properties & views structure