COVID-19 VaxMillions Dashboard


This dashboard shows data for two VaxMillions pages that went live at 10:45 am on June 15, 2021, and the VaxMillions Giveaway page. The data includes traffic, referral sources, click-through rate, and user location. The metrics contained in this dashboard are required by the CX team, who will be reporting on this content.

The pages are:

Data Source: Google Analytics: All Public Traffic view Google Analytics 4:

Dashboard filters:

On the top of this dashboard, you will see filters that let you change:

  • The time range that graphs and tables are set to (default time range is set to 06/17/2021 to today)

  • The pages that graphs and tables are set to. There's a component-level filter on this filter to prevent it from showing any other pages.

Page 1: VaxMillions pages traffic

This page contains 3 metrics that show traffic to the Vaxmillions pages: Pageviews, unique pageviews, and users. The 3 graphs show the traffic trending by date, hour, and week of day, so the CX team may comprehensively understand when people are most active on these pages.

Page 2: VaxMillions pages acquisition and demographics

The 2 tables at the top show how users get to the VaxMillions pages. The left table shows what pages people visit before they get to the VM pages (previous page path). The right table shows what websites other than bring people to those pages (source). The map and table below show where users are located.

Page 3: VaxMillions pages click-through rate (ctr)

The CTR scorecard shows how often people click on one of the target links. It is calculated by the number of unique pageviews with a click divided by the number of unique pageviews to the 2 pages.

To get "pageviews with clicks" accurately, we created a segment in Google Analytics: Sessions with Link Click events (VaxMillions). (See below on how to create the segment.) We have to blend data using the same GA data source to be able to do the calculation of 2 same metrics (unique pageviews).

The table underneath shows what link people click to. A filter is applied: includeevent action contains link click AND include page matches regex /massachusetts-vaxmillions-giveaway|/info-details/massachusetts-vaxmillions-giveaway-frequently-asked-questions AND excludeevent label contains #|javascript|tel AND excludeevent target contains Main navigation link .

How to create the segment:

  1. In GA, add a segment

  2. In the Advanced conditions tab, create filters.

  3. 1st filter: Sessions include event action contains link click AND page matches regex /massachusetts-vaxmillions-giveaway|/info-details/massachusetts-vaxmillions-giveaway-frequently-asked-questions 2nd filter: Sessions exclude event label contains |javascript|tel AND event target contains Main navigation link

Page 4: VaxMillions Giveaway traffic

This page contains 2 metrics that show traffic to the Vaxmillions Giveaways pages: Pageviews and Users. The graph on the top shows the traffic trending by date, and the one underneath shows the traffic trending by weekday. We do not have a graph showing hourly traffic because the data source GA 4 doesn't have this dimension (or not yet).

Page 5: VaxMillions Giveaway acquisition and demographics

The table at the top shows the souces that drive people to the VaxMillions Giveaway page(s). The map underneath shows where people locate when they visit the page. The table on the right shows total users by region and city.

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