Web Analytics

Important: This dashboard has been deprecated. Please do not add to it!


Page 1 of the web analytics & user surveys dashboard contains web analytics data from the view of the cross-domain property in Google Analytics. The goal of this page is to show the claimant and employer journeys through the subdomain.

Web analytics page filters

  • Date (default is last 14 days excluding the current day)
  • Operating system
  • Device category (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Metrics and context

This dashboard has more going on than other dashboards we've created, and an exhaustive list of every metric and filter would be exhausting. That said, we can outline in broad strokes what you'll find here, and try to point you in the right direction for troubleshooting.

Dashboard structure

This page contains 3 "flows," which is the term various stakeholders seem to like for the series of events that lead to an outcome. These flows are fairly linear: You can only do step B if you've already done step A. There are 2 cases where flows contain branches, but the branches also are linear.
The 3 "flows" are:
  • Apply for a claim. This describes how claimants apply for paid family or medical leave benefits.
  • Employer self registration. This describes how employers sign up for an employer account on
  • Employer claim review. This describes how employers review claims submitted by claimants.
Steps in each flow
Each flow comprises a series of scorecards, connected by arrows, which illustrate the various waypoints during a flow. These are supposed to show us something about drop-off. For example, if many people get halfway through the "apply for a claim" flow and don't finish, we might theorize that something is wrong at that halfway-point.
Each scorecard has its own filter
Every scorecard in each of these flows has its own filter. This is too much detail in this documentation, but here are a few of the major steps in each flow.

Potential data problems

Since we are doing so much precision filtering, any change to's markup or CSS might break one or more of these scorecards. Monitoring them is, as of the time of writing, a bit of a nightmare. We can only suggest that if a number looks suspicious, you verify it in Google Analytics, i.e. by recreating the filter in a custom report.

Apply for a claim--additional metrics

Claimant accounts created scorecard

This scorecard shows the number of accounts created based on events captured in Google Analytics. To be included, the event category must be equal to "paidleave create claimant account" and the page must equal "". Note that there is also an

Applications submitted over time line graph

The line graph shows the number of users who successfully submitted a claim by reaching "," which is only shown once a user has successfully submitted their claim through the portal.