Paidleave tasks

Documentation for how we determine the `taskPath` (event category) variable
This is about how we determine taskPath for If you're not sure what taskPath is, start here.
There are 2 main tasks you can accomplish on paidleave: file for paid leave benefits or review a paid leave claim. There are also some miscellaneous tasks that don't fit into these main paths.
What the user's doing
task path
Applies to which URLs (examples)
Submitting a paidleave claim
Reviewing a paidleave claim
review claim
Logging on
/login, /verify-account, /consent-to-data-sharing
Resetting a password
reset password
/forgot-password, /reset-password
Create a claimant account
create claimant account
Create an employer account
create employer account
Claimant landing page
claimant dashboard
/, /dashboard/, /applications/, /applications/get-ready/
Something else
unknown task or unknown employer task