Feedback API & UI: A collection of thoughts

Problems we want to solve

    It is painful but important to categorize feedback
    Some agencies get overwhelmed by the volume of feedback they get
    Some agencies get overwhelmed when they try to classify & "tag" feedback
    I want a summary of my feedback rather than having to read every last line
    I need help prioritizing action items I extract from my feedback
    I need help knowing when to take a comment seriously vs. when it is irrelevant

Product requirements

    "I want to be able to mark a piece of feedback as read after I've dealt with it."
    "I want to be able to compare feedback on to my application."
    "I want feedback and analytics integrated" (e.g. "nos per 1000 sessions")
    I need to be able to download my feedback so I can mess with in Excel
    Some of my feedback might include PII & it needs to be securely maintained
    I don't want to lose access to my feedback
    I want to be able to categorize, tag, and organize my feedback
    There has to be a good reason to use a browser UI vs. just downloading a CSV
      Interactivity is a key feature of this product

It would be cool if...

    I could see feedback categories by quantity
    Feedback entered in another language was translated to English/my language so I could read it!
    I could set all my filters and then export a CSV based on my filters
    A machine tagged my feedback so I didn't have to
    I could create my own custom tagging system and manage it that way
    A machine learned my tagging system and acted as my administrative assistant


    There are tools that will auto-categorize your feedback (Qualtrix)
    There are form-building tools other than Formstack (Usabilia)
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