Labels let you automate the process of creating a Curated List.


Rather than add items one by one to a Curated List, you can save time by using labels to automate the process. When you enter your label of choice into the Label(s) section in a Curated List’s automatic list, every item you’ve assigned that label to will appear. This also applies to any future items you assign that label to.

Adding labels to your content

You can add labels to any content type that can be added to a Curated List. This includes:

You’ll add your unique labels to the Label(s) field at the bottom of the Overview tab.

Label as you create and publish

You can save time by labeling pieces of content you know will be on a list as you create them. It helps to map out your lists ahead of time.

Labels can be deleted from a piece of content's Label field if you no longer want the content to appear on a list.

Important! Create a unique labeling system

Your organization’s content might be similar to another organization’s content. Creating distinct, descriptive labels ensures you’re only including the content you intend to have in a specific listing page. For example, maybe your labels include your organization acronym and a note about which list(s) you want them to appear on.

Bad example: Emergency Preparedness

Good example: DPH — Emergency Preparedness — Documents and Forms

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