Request an image be added to the image library

Learn how to request a new image be added to the image library.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the image library on SmugMug, you can ask to have an image downloaded from Shutterstock. (If you don’t already have access to the image library, please submit this form and we’ll set you up with a login.) is using this process to make any images downloaded by authors and editors available to all.

Step 1

Go to Shutterstock to find an image you'd like to use. Use the search bar and enter keywords that describe the type of image you want.

Step 2

Once you find an image, copy the Shutterstock ID#, located just below the image, to a Word or text document on your desktop or write it on a piece of paper.

Step 3

Submit a ServiceNow support request asking for the images you have chosen to be downloaded and added to the image library. Paste or type the the ID#(s) of the image(s) you would like to have downloaded into the request.

The team will download the image for you and place it in the image library. You will get a response via your ServiceNow request with a link to the image in the library and the name of the gallery where you may find it in the future.

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