2018 Newsletters

Newsletters sent out in 2018.

October 2018


In this issue:


  • Percussion shutting down on Nov. 13

  • Export data from the All content page

  • Guides now feature “sticky” table of contents

  • Visit us during Digital Services Office Hours

  • Check out the Feature Request board

  • CMS Tip of the Week

September 2018


In this issue:


  • Coming soon: Organization Page sub-navigation menu

  • Make your content and documents easier to find with Mass.gov search

  • New in-page feedback tab

  • Announcing the new author landing page

  • Why you should consider converting your documents to HTML

August 2018


In this issue:


  • Interested in creating a video to explain or highlight a service? Let us know

  • How you can prepare for links to Organization Pages on all content

  • New full-screen text editor

  • Mayflower accessibility update

  • CMS quick tip: How to do Drupal-to-Drupal redirects


  • Announcing our new, searchable knowledge base

  • How you can prepare for links to Organization Pages on all content

  • Assign custom names to location listings (e.g. “State Parks” or “Service Centers”)

  • You can now use an existing video or image (instead of adding a new one each time)


  • CMS quick tip: How to delete a file

  • You can now search within an organization’s content

  • Org Page change: You no longer need an image behind the Services Offered section

  • Analytics Dashboards (Beta): Findability will now include social media and home page traffic


  • New: Feature Request board

  • Couldn't come to the Mass.gov authors/editors meeting? Here’s what you missed

  • We’re working to improve Analytics Dashboards (Beta)

  • Improved how Mass.gov pages print

July 2018


In this issue:


  • Mass.gov author and editor group meeting

  • Thanks for attending the Analytics Dashboards (Beta) webinar

  • Staff directories are here!


  • Help us make sure your content is associated with the right organization

  • Get ready for directories

  • Did you know you can now add an Alert to almost any content type?

  • First step toward a new author landing page

  • You can now choose a focal point on a Guide’s banner image


  • Analytics Dashboards (Beta): Webinar & office hours

  • Learn more about using data to improve your content


  • Analytics Dashboards: Webinar & office hours

  • New "Organization" field on all Mass.gov content types

  • New Mass.gov search will now work on legacy content

June 2018


In this issue:


  • New Organization Page subtype: Boards

  • Need to know if your organization has unredirected Percussion content?

  • Improved tool for authors: You can now use autocomplete for inline links

  • Reverse alphabetical sorting on Curated Lists

  • Tell us about your authoring experience on edit.mass.gov


  • New tool for preventing broken links: Pages Linking Here

  • New Org Page feature: Featured Item Mosaic

  • How to ensure your ServiceNow requests are answered as quickly as possible

  • Do you manage your team’s newsletter? We want to hear from you

  • Reminder: Need a high-quality image for your content? Try the Mass.gov image library

May 2018


In this issue


  • Mass.gov content authors should now request support through ServiceNow

  • New content improvement tool: Feedback Manager

  • What to do if you see content (other than your organization's) that needs to be updated

  • Reminder: Make sure your Service Pages are taking advantage of Mass.gov’s information architecture

  • New Mass.gov search features

April 2018


In this issue:


  • ServiceNow webinar

  • Need to know if you have unredirected Percussion content? We can help

  • Steps to take if you need to move content to a new content type

  • Not sure which content type to use? Try our new wizard


  • Use Siteimprove to fix broken links and make your content easier to read

  • New resource on Topic Pages

  • What else is new? Release notes

March 2018


In this issue:


  • New version of Mass.gov search released

  • New content types for long form content: Information Details and Binders

  • New help resources on creating tables and using the rich text editor

  • Reminder: HTML converting to plain text in some fields


  • Faster content updating (improved caching)

  • New functionality: How to delete and recover deleted content

  • New type of Event released: Public Meeting

  • We’re looking for feedback on a new tool for authors and editors: Content type tours


  • Scheduled publication

  • Contact another author

  • Improved watch reports

  • Contact Information on Service Pages

  • Improved Location Listings

February 2018


In this Issue:


  • New for Curated Lists: Short descriptions for list items

  • Using Form Pages with document uploads

  • New resources for writing Guides and News

  • Tell us how we can better support you


  • Tell us how we can better support you

  • What’s new on Mass.gov

  • New resources for content authors & editors

January 2018


In this Issue:


  • Happy New Year, Mass.gov Authors!

  • New: Improved rich text links to documents

  • New: Restrict who can see drafts of your content

  • New: Help articles available