Analytics and Analytics Dashboards breakout session

Notes from the Analytics breakout session.

Questions and Answers

We are one big agency and we wanted any tips to structural analytics tracking?

You can find entrances and exits for your page in the Findability dashboard and in Google Analytics (GA) to see the most popular sources and clicks. To get into more specifics, set up an Office Hours meeting.

Will create a site map? Cohesive ways to track outside of site info page?

This is a question for the Feature Request board. GA easily provides the “Cotton-Eye Joe”: Where did they come from and where did they go? You’ll be able to see common pages people visit but doesn’t give the full funnel/journey.

Is there more coming for the analytics dashboards?

Yes, here are a few things we’re working on: Service Family indicators, page performance indicators (ex. "Ejects" from the page), and search term data.

Is there a better way to capture feedback scores? If a page has 4 pieces of feedback, but 2 were “no” it gives a bad score overall.

We are working on adjustments to feedback scoring to take things like this into consideration.

Can you talk about the 4 scores on the dashboard and how the overall score gets created?

Overall score is average of 4 category scores. Some scores have more than 1 indicator. For these, those indicators are averaged to get the category score. (Ex. Content Quality has both Reading level and Broken links scores.)

Can we currently bisect our content or marker?

You can use GA to look up the your organization’s traffic.

When will the new Outcomes scoring include applications linked to from a Service page?

Count of outbound links are not part of Outcomes scores yet, but we are working on adding it. Clicks on Service and Organization pages will be included in Outcomes scoring by using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to measure these actions. We plan to release these updates this year.

Can you track GA goals?

Yes, but there's a limit to the amount we can track since we're using a free GA account.

Did you fix the bug where old data was showing up?

Yes, this has been fixed.

Pageviews, how we really promote URLs for short period of time. Scores go up but when campaign ends, scores go down. How do we stop that?

It may be something to do with how people are finding your pages. Amount of traffic is not an indicator for Findability. Most people will Google things rather than going to the site and navigate around GA doesn’t include direct traffic - friendly URLs would be ideal, and we’re working on how to factor this traffic in.

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