User Group Meeting - March 4, 2019

Details from the first User Group Meeting.

Description of Event

The first quarterly User Group Meeting was held Monday, March 4, from 2-4 p.m. on the 21st floor in the McCormack Building.

The meeting gave authors and editors the opportunity to ask questions and share best practices about content creation, maintenance, and improvement.

We introduced a type of format for the meeting called Ignite Talks that are short, interactive, and fun. A few authors and editors volunteered to be the inaugural presenters to kick us off. We are always looking for volunteers to present a 5-minute talk. Please feel free to submit a ServiceNow request if you're interested.

Presentations included:


Do you have a suggestion for a breakout session? Let us know by submitting a ServiceNow request.

Check the event page regularly to see what new topics have been added to the lineup.