User Group Meeting - January 27, 2020

Details about the fourth User Group Meeting.

Description of the event

The fourth User Group Meeting was held Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, on the 8th floor of the McCormack Building at 1 Ashburton Place. This meeting focused exclusively on the Promotional page, a new content type for time-bound marketing or awareness campaigns.

Presentations included:

  • What's New on

    • Promotional Pages: How to use them and using KPIs by Fiona Molloy and Adam Cogbill

  • Ignite Talk

    • Promotional Pages: The Origin Story by Bob Brown


  • Introduction

  • Ignite Talk on Promotional page

  • What’s new on Promotional page

  • Q&A Panel on Promotional page

  • Wrap-up

Do you have a suggestion for a future User Group Meeting topic? Let us know by submitting a ServiceNow request. Check the User Group Meeting event page for news and updates.