What we need to answer your support requests

Providing key information will help us answer your support request.


To better help you in your ServiceNow support request, there are key pieces of information that we need to answer your support request. Including these items will not only aid in our understanding, but it is also likely to get you a quicker response.

What to include in your ServiceNow support request

Whether you want to ask for new functionality, report a bug, or ask for content strategy, here’s some information that helps us:

  • Make sure you include any relevant URLs that you’ve been working on or that you want to work on

  • Tell us what you want to do, and why you can’t do it

  • If you see an error message, send us the text of that error message (a screenshot also helps)

  • If something has gone wrong, tell us when you noticed it had gone wrong, and when the last time you edited the content was

  • Also, tell us how often a problem happens and whether it’s the first time it has happened to you

  • Tell us what kind of browser you use. If you’re not sure, try visiting https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/.

  • If you're having trouble logging into the CMS, tell us your Internet Provider (IP) Address. Not sure where to find your IP address? Visit https://whatismyip.com/ and look for the numbers following "Your Public IPv4 is."

    • Ex. 123.456.78.900

  • Lastly, it’s always helpful to include your phone number and one (or more!) screenshots of what’s going on

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