People and Contacts (directories)

Use a Curated List to create a staff directory.


You can create a staff directory using a Curated List subtype. This allows you to add Contact Info and Person items to your Curated List. You can link a directory anywhere you can link a curated list.

To do this, select the Curated List content type from the “Add Content” menu and choose the "People and contacts” subtype from the List Type dropdown.

Note: You’ll need published Contact Info and Person items to create your directory. Start by creating those, if you haven’t already.

Overview tab

List Type

Choose if your Curated List will consist of links and documents or contact information. If your list will consist of mainly contact information, select People and Contacts. If the the list is mainly links and documents, select Links and documents and follow the steps in this companion article.

Title and Short description

The title and short description are the first thing your audience sees. In fact, they might see them before they get to the page: If they’re coming from Google, the title is what will draw them to the page.


Use the overview to provide some context for your Curated List. Imagine a user landing on the page from a search engine. What context will they need to understand what’s on the page?


You’ll find the Organization(s) field at the bottom of the first tab in every content type, and in documents. This field tells’s search which pages belong to which organization. ‌ This field also powers the "Offered by" relationship indicator that displays at the top of all pages. "Offered by" displays on the top right if there is a "Part of" relationship indicator on the left in a desktop view, or on the top left if there is no "Part of" link. On a smaller screen, "Offered by" appears directly under "Part of" at the top of the page. ‌ Making sure your Organization field is filled out correctly will help users who land on your content find their way to your Organization Page.

Intended audience

Choose the audience this content is intended for. This information will help measure how well these audiences are being served and won't be displayed on the public-facing site. This is currently only for internal use. Choose from:

  • Not Set (default)

  • Personal

  • Professional (For their jobs)

  • Both equally

  • Unclear

Sections tab

Automatic Lists

Just like with a regular Curated List, you can make a directory using either automatic and manual lists. Automatic lists are automatically sorted A-Z.

If you select “Automatic List,” you’ll be asked to enter a label:

After you’ve added your label(s), you’ll choose what information from your Contact Info or Person item will appear for users. You can choose to display some or all of the following:

  • Online — Email and Link

  • Phone

  • Address

  • Fax

Note: If a Person or Contact Information item doesn’t include the display information you’ve selected, the name will still appear in the directory.

Manual Lists

If you don’t want to use the label system, you can also curate a manual list of contacts. Keep in mind that if this list needs to be updated often, it’ll require a lot of manual work on your part. By comparison, an automatic list updates automatically.

Choose to add either Contact Information or a Person item.

As with the automatic list, after you’ve added your Contact Info or Person, you can choose what information from your Contact Info or Person item will appear for users.

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