Creating a Promotional page

Is a Promotional page right for you content? Learn more about this visually appealing content type.


This is a visually engaging content type that supports a focused marketing or awareness effort. Promotional pages, which are intended to be live for a finite time period, serve as a simple introduction to timely information and typically feature a primary call to action.

These pages guide visitors who have minimal or varying levels of background knowledge to more specific services and resources either on or off They are not designed as replacements for Organization pages or Press Releases, or to serve as splashy cover pages for Binders or other content.

Linking to Promotional pages

Promotional pages can be linked from a Featured Item Mosaic on an Organization page, Events, or other content types. But they more likely will be accessed via a friendly URL, which might be discovered via external sources, such as a billboard, flier, email newsletter or social media message.

We ask that you apply for friendly URLs via a ServiceNow request at least 1 week before you plan to advertise the web address.

Examples of Promotional pages could include:

  • Awareness campaigns that call attention to a subject (and encourage action), such as becoming a foster parent or getting a flu shot

  • Educational campaigns that raise awareness about an issue, such as the EEE virus or water conservation

  • Bringing attention to a public service change, such as the introduction of Real ID

Note: All CMS users can access the Promotional page content type and create drafts. But you must request Office Hours with the Mass Digital Service team to receive training before publishing your first Promotional page. You must also have editing privileges to publish a page.

Setting an unpublish date

Promotional Pages by default unpublish after 180 days if the author doesn’t set an unpublish date manually via the “Scheduled Transitions” tab. The unpublish date can be set for up to 14 months out.

If you publish a Promotional Page without setting an unpublish date, a message will appear on the screen telling you that it will unpublish in 180 days by default.

Click on the Reschedule transition link in that message and a pop-up will appear. There, you can reset the unpublish date and time.

Click the Reschedule transition button at the bottom of the box to have your changes take effect.

You''ll receive a reminder email within a week of your Promotional page's unpublish date. At that point, you can extend the unpublish date, allow the page to unpublish, or trash it and request a drupal-to-drupal redirect to another page.

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