Person items

Use this for information about elected officials, board members, or other state employees.


A Person item can include information about an elected, officials, board members or other individuals affiliated with state government. The Person item can include an individual's name, photograph, organization, their role in government and any relevant biographical information.

When you create a Person on, you’re creating a chunk of information that you can add to other content types, such as:

If you've published a biography for the Person item you can also add it to the following fields:

Important: Only link to a Person in the above fields or content types.

When you update a Person, every piece of content it’s attached to will update, too.

Adding a Person as a Board Member on an Organization Page

You’ll create this version of a Person to add information to a Boards-type Organization Page.

Media image

This optional image will be displayed on the Boards subtype of Organization Pages. This image must be exactly 172 x 228 pixels (px).

This image will display at full size when you add a Person to the “Featured Board Members” section of the Boards page. A slightly smaller version will display (72 x 96 px) if you add it to the “Board Members” section.


This field is for the person’s secondary title (in addition to their role on a board). An example of when you would use this field is if the person holds an official title in state government, such as “secretary” or “governor.”

Don’t add their board role here — you’ll do that on the Org Page. This will display as an “eyebrow” above the individual’s name.

Short Bio

You can add an optional short description about the board member’s duties or general background. This will display on Boards-type Organization Pages after you add this Person:

Adding a Person as an Elected Official on an Organization Page

Profile Image

This optional image will be displayed on the Elected Official subtype of Organization Pages. The size of this image should be 235 x 235 px.

Bio page

To create a biography page, you’ll need to create or update a Person item. Find and check the checkbox at the bottom of your Person:

This will create a new tab called “Bio Page” where you can add bio content for the official, including:

  • A main content area for biographical info, achievements, etc.

  • Social media links

  • A high-resolution image

Note: The image that appears on the Elected Official Page is the one you add to the Profile Image field, which is located in the “Overview” tab.

The Organization field

This field is an “autofill” field. It will accept the name of an already-published organization page. As with all autofill fields, type the first few letters of an organization page’s title, and then select the correct organization from the list that appears.


Use the Label(s) field if you plan on using this Person item to build an automatic list for a directory.

AP style adheres to AP style guidelines:

  • Phone number formatting: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

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