Sub-navigation menu

Use this menu to help visitors find information quickly.


The sub-navigation menu (subnav) on your Organization Page helps constituents quickly find the information they’re looking for.

A lot of the tabs on the subnav will be automatically added based on sections you’ve added to your Org Page. For others, you can add specific links in designated fields. Subnav options include:

  • I want to…

  • About

  • Contact Us

  • Our organizations

  • News

  • Events

  • Locations

  • Search

Custom categories

I want to…

The first 2 groups of links in this category are auto-populated based on what you’ve already added to your Org Page.

Find a service or task

“Find a service or task” will display the first 3 service links in the Org Page’s Top actions & services section

Learn more about

“Learn more about…” will display the Topic Pages in the Featured Topics section

Log in to

“Log in to…” is where you can link up to 3 off-site applications. You’ll add these links in the Application Login Link(s) field under the “More” tab.

The links you add here will also display on the "Log In to..." menu at the very top of the page. These links will only display on the Org page. Learn more about customizing these menu links across Service families.

"Log In to..." menu at top of page.
"Log In to..." menu featuring custom links.


The links in “About” come from link fields located under the “More” tab:

  • Link to a page that offers additional background about your agency or organization with the More about agency link field

  • Link to a biography on a Person item with the More about leadership field

  • Link to a directory with the Organization Directory page field

  • Link to your agency’s job board or postings with the Career opportunities field

Contact us

The top row of the Contact us category will be populated by with the Contact Info already on your Org page.

The bottom row will be populated by the content you add to 3 new fields.

  • Add a directory under “Find a contact” with the Organization Directory page field, located under the “More” tab

  • Add up to 3 links under “Get updates” with the Get updates links field, located under the “News” tab. Suggested links here are to newsletter sign-ups or News or Events Listings.

  • Add information about filing public records requests under “Public records request” with the Public records link field, located under the “More” tab

Easily jump to a section on an Org Page

The remaining categories (Our organizations, News, Events, and Locations) will take users directly to the related section lower on the page.

Note: These categories will only appear in the subnav if the related sections exist on your Org Page.

Search within a specific organization

The “Search this organization” field automatically filters a search to only display results from that specific organization.

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