Use for news articles, press releases, or speeches.


News items on can take the following forms:

  • Speech

  • News (article)

  • Press Release

  • Press Statement

To save a draft of a News item, you’ll need to fill out/make a selection in the following sections:

  • Title

  • Announcement Type

  • Publish Date

  • Signees (you will need to include at least 1 state organization)

Press Statements and Releases also require:

Press Releases also require:

  • Location (i.e., dateline)

Once you’ve published your News item, it will appear on your Organization Page(s) as long as you didn’t select “none” in your Org Page’s Automatic news item section. That is, you have to set your Org Page to automatically display news in order for News items to appear on it.

Overview tab

Title, Announcement type, and Short description

Think of the Title as a headline. Include keywords that will help your content stand out in searches (from Google, for example).

Picking an Announcement type changes the “eyebrow” in the page’s upper left corner. Whatever you select will appear there:

Short Description

The Short description appears beneath the Title. Think of it like a subtitle— a sentence that summarizes the essence of the article. Remember not to simply repeat your News item’s Title. Often, the best Short description is a 1-sentence summary of your News item. It will appear, along with the beginning of your News item, in social media previews:


You’ll find the Organization(s) field at the bottom of the first tab in every content type, and in documents. This field tells’s search which pages belong to which organization.

This field also powers the "Offered by" relationship indicator (the small green rectangle(s) in the upper left corner) on each page. Making sure yours is right will help users who land on your content find their way to your Organization Page.

Intended audience

Choose the audience this content is intended for. This information will help measure how well these audiences are being served and won't be displayed on the public-facing site. This is currently only for internal use. Choose from:

  • Not Set (default)

  • Personal

  • Professional (For their jobs)

  • Both equally

  • Unclear

Signees tab

You’ll need to list at least one state organization, though you can list as many state or external organizations as you’d like. The Related Organization field is an autofill field, which means you’ll start typing the name of the organization you’re looking for and select it from the list. The names on this list read according to what the organization has titled its Organization Page.

News items can have more than 1 signee.

Signee information will appear at the bottom of the page. Users will see the organization’s name, short description, and logo. These are determined by content on the Org Page you’ve selected. You can also choose to upload a different image.

Signee with the organization’s logo

IMPORTANT: Make sure you get permission to list others’ organizations as signees. When you list a state organization, you’re also telling to add your News item to that organization’s Org Page. (It won’t appear if that Organization’s Automatic news item section is set to “none”).

News on your Org page

Here’s how News appears on an Org page. The top items are featured, meaning an author chose them. Those on the bottom are automatic, meaning they appear automatically according to their date and the organization being a signee:

Note: The order in which non-featured News items appear on Organization pages is based on the information in the Publish date field, not on when you hit "Publish" on a News item.

Main Content


Whatever you type in the Location field will be formatted as a dateline: displayed in all caps followed by an em dash. So, Boston would display as BOSTON —

Filling in the Location field is optional on all but Press Releases.

Adding a video

To add videos that are hosted on YouTube:

  1. Click “Add Video.”

  2. Click “Add new file” (“Add existing file” does not work yet).

  3. Give your video a title in Media Name.

  4. Paste the URL of your video into Video URL.

  5. If you add content into Transcript and Video Description, will create a link to a page with your video and this content.

Content and Overview fields

You'll be presented with different rich text fields under the Main Content type depending upon which News item type you select.

If you are creating a Speech or Press Release, you'll see a rich text field called Content.

With a Speech, you're limited to this one field, though you can add a Featured image and a Video. With a Press Release, you can

Each section on a News item includes a (required) title, an optional content area, and Additional Resources, which can include links and downloads. Since the content area is optional, you could begin your News item with downloads. You would skip the overview, create a section with a title and downloads, and then create a new section with your content. You can reorder your sections by using the crosshairs at the left of each section to drag and drop them into a different order.

Adding sections to your News item can also help you stay organized. You could do all your authoring in the Overview section using the rich text editor’s formatting tools. However, sometimes it’s helpful to start a new section so that it’s easier for you to navigate your own content.

Media Contact(s)

If you’re creating a Press Release or Statement, you’ll also need to add a media contact for members of the press to access. The media contact will be a Person that you’ve already created. The media contact will display on the right, and in an accordion at the bottom of your News.

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