Decision Tree

Learn how to make this interactive tool for users.

Title and description

The Decision Tree (Beta) differs from most content because it is an interactive tool. Use the Title and the Description to make sure visitors know how to use the Tree and what to use it for.

Start button

One Decision Tree requirement is a Start Button, which is a link to the Decision Tree’s first Branch, where people will make their first choice. If a user does click on Add Start Button in the CMS, a link to a published Branch must be added along with a label for the Start Button (that is, the text, such as "Begin" or "Start here," that will appear on the button). If no Branches have been published yet, the user can come back later after setting up the first Branch to add the Start Button.

A Start Button can be eliminated by clicking on Remove link, then confirming this action.


A Disclaimer, or text that will be emphasized beneath the Start Button, can be added. The Disclaimer will appear on every page in the Decision Tree Branch. If a Disclaimer needs to be changed, these edits will be reflected through the rest of the Decision Tree.

Related services

Adding Related services does not mean a link to the Tree will appear on those Service pages. However, a link to any Related services will appear for users on the Decision Tree.

Here’s how the start page will appear to the public if all the fields described above are filled in:


You’ll find the Organization(s) field at the bottom of the first tab in every content type, and in documents. This field tells’s search which pages belong to which organization. ‌ This field also powers the "Offered by" relationship indicator that displays at the top of all pages. "Offered by" displays on the top right if there is a "Part of" relationship indicator on the left in a desktop view, or on the top left if there is no "Part of" link. On a smaller screen like a cellphone, "Offered by" appears directly under "Part of" at the top of the page. ‌ Making sure your Organization field is filled out correctly will help users who land on your content find their way to your Organization Page.